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IT IS ON! Check out the latest Pakcast, featuring "Captain Marvel" writer +Kelly Sue DeConnick! Kelly Sue and I both have books featuring female leads coming out in July -- hear us interview each other and show off gorgeous art. (My book's "X-Treme X-Men," starring Dazzler.)

And then check out the full 41 minute audio podcast of our conversation via iTunes!

And if you dig what you see/hear, please preorder the books with your local comic book store! 1-800-COMIC-BOOK
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I love the 'pop-up video' vibe you have going on in all of your videos. Great and informative extra!
+Dale Andrews Thanks, man! That's a thing that just came together spontaneously in the editing room -- glad you're digging it!
Looking forward to longer audio clips, as well. Commute and all!
Another book I was looking forward to and am now more excited for.

I much like the redesign on Captain Marvel.

I would like to see Marvel continue to overhaul their female costumes to the point where they all look kick ass and cool and stop being just bathing suits.

Any chance for a cross over in your two books since you both seem to have a nice respect for each other and seem enthusiastic about each others work?
I listened to the extended audio this morning on the way in. Great show, Greg. I really enjoyed the depth of the conversation that the audio show brought me. Not sure if I could have watched a 40 minute video, but my commute is perfect for podcasts, etc. Really looking forward to both of your books, and I'm definitely pre-ordering both from my LCS!