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Greg Oliva
A Wandering Minstrel..blogger.. technician..jazz, blues, coffee, conversationalist
A Wandering Minstrel..blogger.. technician..jazz, blues, coffee, conversationalist

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Thanks, Jo... I agree.
Open your eyes and legalize.

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Classic-! Thanks, Joanna.. 
"And you, you can be mean
And I, I'll drink all the time"

#Caturday   #BowieEveryDay  
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How very cool indeed-!
Coolest cooler on the planet!!!

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An intelligent analysis. It doesn't look to me like Iraq wants to stay together. I suspect it will end up as three separate states.

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We miss him. I hope this number makes a difference for someone. 

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Plant These to Help Save Bees: 21 Bee-Friendly Plants. We love this illustration by Hannah Rosengren, freelance illustrator in Maine:

What to plant to save the bees :

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Note to those that don't know......
The first hemp laws in America were passed in 1619 and they were 'must grow' laws. If you were a farmer living in America and you didn't grow hemp, you would be jailed or kicked out of the country as a non patriot.
These first laws were put in place by the Colonist Government of Great Britain. In 1773 and again in 1776, ( the year the Declaration of Independence was signed).  American made their own must grow laws.
At that time, it was one of the most widely used plants in the world.  Fact - Cannabis hemp was legal tender (money) in most of  America from 1631 until the early 1800s.
Thomas Jefferson risked his life bring  hemp seeds to America from overseas.
Benjamin Franklin, started the first paper mill in America and all of the paper was made out of hemp.
Wars were fought over hemp and without it, America never would have won the Revolutionary war.
In the 1920's during alcohol prohibition, almost every newspaper in the country was running ads for smoking hemp and hash ( a hemp by product ) the only legal high left. The fact is, hemp was in 80% of all human medicines when it was made illegal. 
NO, no one has ever died from smoking hemp. These facts and many more, can be found in the book, 'The Emperor Wears No Clothes" By Jack Herer, a book written about America hemp history along with the evidence to prove his research factual.
He is willing to pay anyone $100,000.00 to prove him wrong.
His homepage is

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That's Louie For You Young Folk Who Don't Know .
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