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talking about some es2015/2016 stuff if you want to join.

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Tonight at around 9pm MST I'll be running a hangout based on the link. It will be to go over some es2015 / es2016 stuff that you and I know, and figure out the things we don't that are covered in the book.

This will be a seprate hangout created for this, it will not be recorded. I will share the hangout once I start it within the group. Hope you guys can come join and hangout.

(Sorry for the short notice, kids graduation this week, having people over this weekend, hopefully plans for tomorrow. This was the only open night this week to do it.)

apx. run time 1, 2, 3, hours? I am not putting time limits on hangouts anymore, you are all welcome to come and go as you please.

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Updated path to web dev.

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ES2015 / ES2016 - I am the futherest thing from an expert but I know some of it. Is anyone interested in a video chat to go over what I know, and maybe work on some stuff we don't know using this nice pdf that goes over es2015.

We need to work out new times / days, I am now essentially on west coast time. Best timing for me would be in the 9pm ‎MST (UTC-7)‎ range once the kids are asleep.

I figure we can run apx 1-2 hours. If weekends might work better for some, I could be open to that sometimes, would be dependent on family plans. Although they would need to be in the afternoon on saturday (after 3pm) or sunday all day, again all dependent on family plans.

Let me know your thoughts, I know +Jean-Paul Lacy already said he is interested so we will be doing it no matter what, just would like to see more faces if you want to join.

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Nice little series on objects in javascript if your unsure, or even if you are sure and just want some more insight :)

He starts with .bind and "this" keyword, and his latest video is on the new class in javascript. (Yes i know it's not actual class's, it's the prototype system with some fancy new looks.)

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Been a while since i have shared this with new people...

I cannot stress this enough if your looking to learn Javascript, this is one of the best free resources you will ever get.

YouDontKnowJS and the newest Functional Light Programming..

I have heard on many many podcasts, that interviewers almost always ask if they have read this series to even be considered.
Kyle Simpson
Kyle Simpson

I was asked if there was a central spot for all of my learning resources. I realized this was never made up so figured I would start a pinned post that we can all add to.

(this is a living post, meaning I'll be adding to it as I find new things so always check back. Plus I would love for you all to reply with your resources to add to the list!)

My base resources I start anything with are in this order:

*This is the path I'm working on, I follow the path and branch out to learn the things i need to complete them. So if you need a roadmap i highly suggest this
*This is also the main source of our study group, we branch to different courses, and more, but the heart of the group follows this.

*I find that CodeCademy is the best place to start, there are no videos, and it's very "hand-holding" courses. They teach you the very basics, with sprinkled in intermediate stuff.
* I recommend this no matter what when your starting to learn something new, or even if you started somewhere else, just run through the free courses they are quick and as i said free.
*This is a personal choice, the courses do cost money but you can find coupons for free courses by following the twitter account:
* I will post my suggested courses later in this post.
*We just figured out there is a 3-month free trial to see if you like it, a few of us will be starting this soon and working down the ReactJS path.

*As mentioned above this is a GREAT starter place if your looking to learn the basics. I always suggest you start here.

Andrew Mead:
*I found a GREAT course in my opinion on Udemy called "The complete reactjs developer" by Andrew Mead, (read this whole text before looking it up) I highly recommend his courses I have taken a few now.
His current course is a little outdated, so he is currently in works of building a new modern ReactJS course. It's due to be released in June 2017. I will be sure to let you all know when this happens, but keep him in mind!

*You can check out his personal sight with some great small course videos he puts out for free @

Tyler McGinnis
* Found by one of our members, there is a free ReactJS Fundamentals course we are currently working through. It is a great free resource when starting ReactJS. He is not easy, and there is a lot of reading backed up with practical work. Again Highly recommend.

YOUTUBE (not sure if these links will work direct to youtube but they are the same via google)
+Code School
+The Net Ninja

(i have dozens of youtube vids i watch, i'll keep adding to this, for now these are the top ones i can think of.)

As stated above this is a living post I'll add to it in my spare time. If your looking for something specific please ask in the comments, I have bookmarks upon bookmarks of sites i have visited to learn what i know so far. I'm more then happy to share those and my knowledge with whoever wants them.

I hope this helps!

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