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Spring Treasures - Oroville, California

Here is another image from Wednesday's visit to the North Table Mountain Ecological Reserve.  If you enjoy wildflowers and waterfalls, then this is the place to see in the spring.  This is by far the best crop of flowers I've seen since my first visit here in the spring of 2011.  It's not too late for you NorCal residents, I imagine the beauty will continue for at least another week or so.

If you enjoy this image, please share with your friends and family.  Thank you for your continued support!

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Another nice one +Greg Mitchell.  I was there this weekend and all I can say is WOW!  What a beautiful place.  The flowers are still going strong.
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Greg Mitchell

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For the last couple years, I've been blown away by +Barry Blanchard 's floral images and yesterday I was finally able to visit the UC Santa Cruz Arboretum. Although I arrived at mid-day and with some very warm conditions (for Santa Cruz anyway), I was still able to make some nice images. What an incredible place to have in your backyard and thanks for the inspiration Barry. 
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Very nice Greg! +Barry Blanchard is certainly an inspirational fellow!
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Desolation Wilderness - Up Close and Personal 

You can click on the link below in order to fully appreciate the size and scope of this image with Gigapan's built-in pan and zoom features. Have fun!

I created my largest image to date with this 54 frame stitched panorama. It was a beautiful day yesterday, so I headed up to the Big Hill Lookout to create some ultra large panos. For this particular composition, I zoomed in to 400mm and took 3 rows of 18 frames and then stitched them all together in AutoPano Giga. From there I took it into photoshop for a few edits which literally took all day, because the .psb file sits at just over 16.33gb. Even though I have a pretty beefy machine, it was still brought to it's knees by this file. Might be time for a new Mac Pro.

#desolationwilderness   #eldoradonationalforest   #sierranevadamountains   #tactilephoto   #panorama  
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One for the Ages - Eldorado National Forest, California

After watching the weather models and seeing that the trailing edge of our latest storm was to move out of the area close to sunset, I decided to make the drive up to Big Hill Lookout. I was concerned that the road would be impassable with the latest round of snow we received, but with my rig locked into 4 wheel drive I made it to the top quick easily. 
This was by far the most impressive display of crepuscular rays that I had ever experienced and it lasted for a good 30 minutes. Needless to say, I was able to make quite a few very interesting compositions, including some large panoramas that I can't wait to process.
Unfortunately, 10 minutes before the actual sunset, the clouds rolled in and visibility dropped to just a few feet as evidenced by my BTS shot from last night.

#crepususcularrays   #tactilephoto   #eldoradonationalforest   #sierranevadamountains  
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Stunning rays of light!
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Front and Center - Sacramento, California

When at all possible, I try to arrive at a location with plenty of time to spare, in order to decompress and ultimately be completely present in the moment. While waiting for the moon to rise on Wednesday night, I had extra time to wonder with camera in hand and capture some interesting plays of light. The sky to the west was bright, hazy, cloudless and otherwise lifeless, but that brought every twisted branch of this oh so familiar oak tree forward and present like I had never experienced on any of my previous visits. It's these type of moments that keep the journey alive.

#sacramento #oaktree #tactilephoto #monochrome
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Hi +Loic Severin It is on Michigan Bar Road
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Table Mountain Magic - Oroville, California

I probably should have named this image "Blood, Sweat and Fears". After nearly 6 hours of hiking and 700+ clicks of the shutter, I was finally rewarded with a few minutes of magical light at the end of the evening.  On this day, I bloodied the arms a bit forging thru some thick brush, laid down in an ant hill (all about perspective) and then came face to face with a western diamondback.  Fortunately for me, we were both there just to enjoy the magnificent display of wildflowers.  If you are able to walk away with at least one keeper, then it's all been worth it.

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Very serene
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Rise Up - Folsom Lake, California

I came upon this scene by complete accident earlier in week while out checking on the progress of the lupine bloom and scouting out new locations. As I was driving out of the park, I spotted this really well portioned oak tree (that just sounds sad) and decided to hike up and take a closer look. To my great surprise, the foreground was nicely dotted with these beautiful poppies. No where else in the park (that I have seen) are any poppies to speak of. The conditions were almost perfect, except for one major problem, the poppies were all but closed. I knew I would have to make another trip and see if I get everything to come together. Unfortunately, when I first arrived today, the sun was directly behind the oak tree. Knowing that wasn't going to work, I set off on a 5 mile hike to kill some time. As I returned, this is what greeted me - that bad at all.

I know I'm going to be in trouble for posting this, because I was suppose to be at home nursing a sore throat. Oh well, I think it was well worth it.

#poppy   #folsomlake   #northerncalifornia  
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+John Getchel Thank you sir
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Sacramento Waterfront - Old Town Sacramento, California

I have been wanting to attempt this shot(s) ever since I got the +Really Right Stuff  Omni Pro Pivot Package earlier this year. What you are looking at is not one, not two, but 36 separate images blended together to create one massive and highly detailed panorama. The native size of this blended image is somewhere in the neighborhood of 12' x 4'. To achieve this perspective and avoid any hanging tree branches, I waded out into the river about 10 feet and set up the tripod in the sand. This proved to be quite problematic; because as I rotated the camera for each shot, the tripod would settle slightly. On the third and final attempt of the evening I was successful, not knowing of course until I was able to look at all the files back home on the computer. My only complaint and why I will most certainly attempt this again is not leaving enough breathing room between the top of the towers and the edge of the frame. There is always room for improvement and that is what keeps me coming back for more.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone!

#sacramento   #oldtownsacramento   #towerbridge   #tactilephoto   #rivercity   #cityscape   #bluehour   #panorama  
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Please do +Greg Mitchell I would appreciate that!
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High Density - Acampo, California

We were blessed with another amazing Northern California sunset last night. I came upon this location and view a couple weeks back as I was on one of my many backroad drives looking for new and fresh perspectives.
This is a view looking southwest towards Mt. Diablo with an endless view of a high density olive orchard in the foreground.  Unfortunately for this location, there is only one spot to pull off the road thus limiting available compositions involving the leading lines of the orchard.  In order to see beyond the road and a nearby fence,  I chose to stand (with tripod of course) on top of my truck again.  This is a 12 image bracketed pano stitch using my 70-200 2.8 II and the +Really Right Stuff Pro Omni Pivot Package - an unbeatable combination in my opinion.

#highdensity   #oliveorchard   #mtdiablo   #tactilephoto  
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That sounds like a plan my friend!!
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Citizen Hotel - Sacramento, California

#downtownsac   #rivercity   #sacramentohotel   #tactilephoto   #citizenhotel   #citizen   #sacramento   #skyline   #sunrise  
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