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Greeting fellow JS devs!

We wanted to showcase our CreateJS-powered project Yeah Jam Fury: U, Me, Everybody! It was released just a couple of months ago on Steam for Windows, Mac, and Linux:

Steam Store Page:

YouTube Launch Trailer:

Free Web Demo:

Overview - Yeah Jam Fury: UME is a "requel" of a Newgrounds Flash classic rebuilt from the ground up for the desktop. The gameplay features a boisterous trio of protagonists named Yeah, Jam, and Fury. Each has unique abilities, whom you must transform between and solve puzzles to retrieve a delicious mango! The game features high-resolution artwork, over 200 challenges, new puzzle elements, chaotic 3-player local co-op, a stage builder, leaderboards, Steam workshop support and more!

We thought this project is a good example to show off what is possible with CreateJS, and how it can be used for commercial-level titles thanks to standalone web wrappers such as Electron/NW.js, and help from Greenworks for Steam integration.

Given that the project was originally built in Flash, we started on a long journey in late 2012 initially using a magical AS3->JS conversion tool that I built to get early prototypes working. Eventually we went full-on TypeScript, and were able to continue managing our graphical assets in Flash via my Zoe-like alternative called SpriteSatchel (available on my Github). Several years later the game is finally done, and we're happy to share it with other CreateJS fans :)

Hope you like!
Yeah Jam Fury: U, Me, Everybody!
Yeah Jam Fury: U, Me, Everybody!
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