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Greg Matthews
Healthcare. Social media. Enterprise change management.
Healthcare. Social media. Enterprise change management.

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A nurse's guide to Twitter
I always love to see healthcare professionals joining the incredible online communities that have formed on Twitter over the last several years (indeed, MDigitalLife , my passion-turned-business unit at W2O Group, is based on exactly that). Wanted to highli...

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Introducing the MDigitalLife Snapshot
I'm excited to introduce the latest edition to the growing number of MDigitalLife experiments ... MDigitalLife Snapshot. You can read all about it in Kayla Rodriguez' blog post ... but in the meantime I wanted to share it with you here. Check it out - and c...

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How to die - and how not to - according to 3 physicians
A couple of connected posts hit my feeds on consecutive days ... the kind that really force  a reaction. Nobody likes to think about dying. We in the US seem to have a particularly difficult time thinking about death, talking about death - and especially ab...

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What's a global online health ecosystem?
Everyone who spends much time with me is a little sick of the "global health ecosystem" by now, because I've been obsessed with it for the last 3 months. For the rest of the world, though, it's a pretty new concept. In a nutshell:

We've been studying physi...

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Had a great time introducing the next generation of social analytics in healthcare - the Online Health Ecosystem - at #TechonomyBio last week. 5 minute video attached.

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Are physicians ethically obligated to be online? +Wendy Sue Swanson (aka Seattla Mama Doc) thinks so. What about you?

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What do you think? I have a feeling that there is a bit of a "digital divide" happening here ... 

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Really nice vide from +Wendy Sue Swanson on the value of physicians communicating with patients between visits - and why social media is a good platform for doing so.

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Great advice in here from my man +Chris Hall
My four step process for doubling Velocity's Twitter followers in four months. 
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