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Android Addict/iOS JB Tweak Junkie/Tech enthusiast/Tinkerer
Android Addict/iOS JB Tweak Junkie/Tech enthusiast/Tinkerer

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Seems I haven't posted anything on G+ in over 6 months...I need to come here more...but just doesn't seem to happen.

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Haven't shared a screen in awhile...

Guess I'll come check out G+ since Twitter is still down.

Spring...or I guess winter cleaning time again on G+. I want to use it more but so much crap in my timeline I just am meh about seeing so skinning my list of people and sites down more.

So am I missing something or are you no longer able to see someone's followers on G+ unless you follow the same person too? And even then it only shows you 5 like followers. This seems really restrictive. Twitter and Facebook don't do this and not sure why G+ would if they want people to use and grow their presence on here. #Question #GPlusHelp 

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So awesome!!!

Anyone had the chance to compare soft touch back to leather.  I'm think about switching to a soft touch back if I don't get one of the new Nexus.  Does soft touch give better grip?  While I like the leather and it looks nice, I'm worried about long-term durability if I keep it.  

Wanted to compare at Best Buy today, but of course, as I had feared, no model to look at on display. 

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Eric is selling some tablets...but buy my iPad Air first then buy his, lol.
I have some older tablets for sale if anyone is interested. Office 365 comes with the Windows tabs. From what I read Windows 10 works good on them. Please re-share. Thanks!

3 New Encore2 10" WT-10-A32 
1 New Encore2 8" WT8--B32CN
1 New Asus Memo Pad MG8 (ME181C) 
1 Used Asus Nexus 7 4G 
1 Used iPad 4 16GB (demo at a store) MD510LL/A
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I tried out the Jawbone UP3 and here is my review...

-Love the minimal band size, too many bands are huge clunky, ugly, or both.
-Automatic run and sleep tracking
-Heart rate monitor data gives idea of health.
-Seems to do fairly good job of tracking step data and not collecting steps when I'm not really moving
-Battery life, don't have to charger every day or every other day.

-Band loosens up and usually requires adjustment once a day.
-Can be uncomfortable at times.
-Band attachment mechanism is absolutely horrible.
-Software takes FOREVER to sync or doesn't sync at all sometimes.
-Software does provide lots of good information and coaching tips which others may love, but for me I mostly ignore and just want to see data on what I've done. No way to turn off the constant coaching.
-No active heart monitoring.
-Didn't record my steps at all from mowing yard.
-Worry about long-term durability.

CONCLUSION: I really love the minimal size of the band, the stylish look, heart rate data, and automatic tracking. Jawbone is great at that look of bands compared most.  However, the software annoys me compared to others, band itself (staying at one setting) can be a pain, and price just make me question keeping it.  I definitely don't think it is worth the normal price and at this point I think I'm returning it because I feel like there are more cons than pros.

Hoping to see more, better minimal bands in the future from Jawbone, Fitbit, and others.

Anyone interested in an iPad Air in great condition?  Going to be selling mine soon. #iPadAir   #Apple   #iPad  
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