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Anyone here with the Samsung CB+ using a VPN service with their device? I have TigerVPN (got it on some crazy limited lifetime deal a year ago) and use it on my 2015 Pixel, but for the life of me even with all the same settings on my CB+, all I get is "internal error" and no connection. Just curious if it's related to TigerVPN somehow or something in Chrome OS specific to the Samsung. 

Has anyone been able to install any of the Microsoft Office apps on to their Samsung CB+? The Play Store says it isn't compatible. I haven't tried sideloading yet nor do I know if it would work. 

So I had it set in my mind to trade in my old Samsung Chromebook for the new CB+ at my local Best Buy (Downers Grove, IL FYI) and their customer service team and systems claimed they couldn't accept my laptop for trade in. Very frustrating.

I called another local one and at least over the phone they said any working laptop with a power cord (like the website said.) So tomorrow after work I'm gonna try again, but moral of the story not all Best Buy stores are created equal.

For those who are buying the new Samsung Chromebook Plus, what Chromebook are you upgrading from?

I have a 2015 Pixel and am quite curious about this or the Asus for the tablet/convertible component, but my admittedly brief time with the Samsung at a local Best Buy makes me think I'm really spoiled by the performance of the Pixel. It could be the demo unit, but it didn't wow me or even feel fast just poking around sites and Chrome apps. (I have yet to see and test out the Asus in any stores.)

After this latest AW companion app update, I've run across the seemingly infamous battery drain on the watch again. 5PM CT and my watch is at 30% with nothing in the battery monitor looking out of place. Am I alone with this or no?

Companion app:
Watch: Wear OS 1.5.350.8863
On Z5 Compact running Android 6.0.1

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Playing with shadow and light on a warmer than usual winter day in Chicago. 

Any recommendations for the following:

1) Additional USB-C AC adapter. Do I bite the bullet and get another official one from Google for $60 or is there another good quality one out there that outputs at the same 60W?

2) USB-C dock. Would be nice for home to plug in power, a second monitor, and mouse with one cord. I'd really prefer one that comes with its own AC adapter for power.

I've seen a couple Dells, HPs, OWC, and others out there. Input on both questions appreciated. Thanks!

Anyone else intrigued by the stark difference in coverage between the Samsung and ASUS Chromebooks? Why didn't ASUS get the same level of coverage for what looks like a really solid computer as well? I just saw the Samsung is also available in the Google Store, while ASUS is missing out.

What gives? Both seem premium, just in different ways.

Hello fellow SW3 owners. Since it looks like our watch isn't getting AW 2.0, what are folks considering getting as a replacement, if any? There are a couple out now or coming soon with GPS capabilities, which was my main reason for getting the Sony initially. 
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