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Giving up on #Windows 8.1 upgrade here. Three failed attempts are enough. Not providing an direct download to the Win8.1 ISO file for people with upgrade problems from 8.0 is just plain stupid. Forcing someone to download a 3.2GB install file multiple times is short sighted on MS part!

All 3 attempts result in the same problem. Last one I disabled antivirus. Install file downloads reboots then when it gets up to 100% applying the update it tells me to restart the computer.

When I do I get "Windows could not finish configuring the system. To attempt to resume, restart the computer". When I do it goes through a hard drive check, reboots and then proceeds to attempt to restore Windows 8.0. It reboots presents me with the login screen and then displays the  blue error screen:

That is when I get the error "c:\users\jim\desktop" is not accessible Access is denied.  When I attempt to go to the Desktop folder in Windows Explorer I am told that I do not have permission to access that folder, even though I am logged into the account which is an administrator. I am prompted to click ok to gain access which I do. Then on a reboot I get access to my normal windows desktop.

However the metro apps do not function properly so I have had to restore from an image backup of the partition to restore Win8.0 back to the way it was.
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this makes me very happy I didn't install 8.1 yet... 
I just installed it without a problem. Wonder what the issue was? Maybe they fixed it?
Greg M
Nope after 5 failed updates and downloading 16GB of 8.1 I am in the process of reverting 8.0 back to a pristine install. 
Greg M
Well even after reverting back to pristine 8.0 and fully updated I could not get the update to 8.1 to download. Tried for hours and then did a wsreset.exe from elevated cmd prompt and pulled my Nvidia video card and reverted back to the onboard video.

Noticed when I went to the Windows Store it now showed Windows 8 Pro w Windows Media Center rather than the Windows 8 Pro it previously showed. Update finally installed properly. It has taken me 3 days and probably 20GB of download of the same up date file to get this to install.
that stinks. glad it worked though
Greg M
Ya would of helped alot if the upgrade process was not throwing up generic error messages that gave no clue what the problem was.
yeah poor choice on their part
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