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"Propositions as Types" by Philip Wadler, 26 Sep 2015 (video 43min) @PhilipWadler An enlightening, energetic, and enjoyable talk. A few notes on lambda calculus, informatics, and computer science:

Lambda calculus is omniversal

It was discovered, not invented, as shown using the Curry-Howard Correspondence between logic and programming language constructs: (25:15)

* Propositions as Types
* Proofs as Programs
* Normalization of proofs as Evaluation of programs

Curry-Howard predicts that every good idea will be discovered twice: once by a logician, and once by a computer scientist.

And pretty much ever functional language you can name has at its core the lambda calculus.

And pretty much every proof assistant you can name has at its core dependent types.

Some functional language constructs are completely arbitrary, but at there core is something that was independently discovered twice: once by a logician, and once by a computer scientist.

Not invented, but discovered.

Most of you use programming languages that were invented - and you can tell, can't you? [laughter] (27:52)

So this is my invitation to you to use programing languages that are discovered. ...

[ Why "Informatics" is a better term than "Computer Science ]

Only two things wrong with "Computer Science"

1. It's not all about computers; it's about patterns of information;
2. You don't put "science" in your name if you're a real science.

[laughter] (41:07)
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I just found out that a time tag reference of the form (m:s) in a post linked to a YouTube video turns into a link to that time! Thanks G+! Very handy.
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Greg Lloyd

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Antique and Classic Boat Rendezvous, Mystic Seaport. 23 July 2016
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Greg Lloyd

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Mystic Seaport Wooden Boat Show. Saturday 25 Jun 2016.
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Greg Lloyd

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Apple and Google are competing to build a fabric that connects everything you own and use, working outward from the globally meshed supercomputer you carry in your pocket. Both apply deep learning technology to AI assistants, and are opening up their AIs and bots to other apps, bots, and cloud services. This richly connected fabric makes bots useful and AI assistants valuable by teaching them how to identify objects you're talking about as well as understand what you want done. The same applies at work. Making this happen requires a shift from the traditional definition of a platform to a fabric which makes it possible to connect people and the actionable objects they use, in context.
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Greg Lloyd

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"But we never called electricity 'the Electricity.' And 'the telephone' referred to a single thing of which there billions of individual examples." — Doc Searls 
The NYTimes says the Mandarins of language are demoting the Internet to a common noun. It is to be just “internet” from now on. Reasons: Thomas Kent, The A.P.’s standards editor, said t…
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Greg Lloyd

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I'm happy to introduce Pierre Bienvenüe, founder of impi Business Improvement Solutions Pty, a South African business improvement firm and TeamPage solution partner since 2012. Pierre has great experience in helping mid-size companies organize and run effective quality improvement programmes. impi! works with clients as partners from concept definition, initial rollout, through improvement of the quality program itself. Pierre has worked with Traction Software and clients to develop templates, plug-in extensions and a methodology for using TeamPage to support the impi! business improvement model, with solid results to report. This post is an introduction. 
Work better together. Improve your Project Management, Compliance, Quality Management, Human Resources, and Competitive Intelligence activities.
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Greg Lloyd

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"A number of emperor penguins, which were here very numerous, were captured. … To test the effect of music on them, Piper Kerr played to one on his pipes..." And then ...
Scotland’s 1904 antarctic expedition made a unique contribution to science: A number of emperor penguins, which were here very numerous, were captured. … To test the effect of music on them, Piper Kerr played to one on his pipes, — we had no Orpheus to warble sweetly on a lute, — but neither rousing marches, lively reels, nor melancholy laments seemed to have any effect on these lethargic phlegmatic birds; there was no excitement, no sign of appr...
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Greg Lloyd

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"Your eyes are the cockpit of a time machine, orbs looking in the only direction any of us can ever look: backward." — Dennis Overbye

Via +M.G. Siegler 
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Greg Lloyd

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"NLS Teleconferencing Features" (1975) Doug Engelbart +++ Still the #FutureOfWork #owork 
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Greg Lloyd

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"Always bet on text”... and links.

Alex Howard (‪@digiphile‬) 6/17/16, 7:31 PM
"Unless our civilization fundamentally collapses, we will never give up writing & reading" —‪ @kottke‬ Text is timeless.

jonathanstray (‪@jonathanstray‬) 6/18/16, 5:30 AM
See also: "Always bet on text"

Greg Lloyd (‪@roundtrip‬) 6/18/16, 7:27 AM
.‪@jonathanstray‬ ‪@digiphile‬ ‪@kottke‬ “Always bet on text” and links.
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Some Kindle books have "Whispersynch" to switch between audio and text, maintaining the same position in both. I'll try it out at home, but would really like to bookmark audio passages while driving with a Hey Siri command, then read and comment on text.
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Greg Lloyd

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"Pointers are like jumps, leading wildly from one part of the data structure to another. Their introduction into high-level languages has been a step backward from which we may never recover. " — Tony Hoare

[C.A.R. Hoare "Hints on Programming Language Design", 1973, Prentice-Hall collection of essays and papers by Sir Tony Hoare]
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Greg Lloyd

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A fine oral history interview of Doug Engelbart. Computer History Museum, 26 March 2002
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