If you care about mobile ads, don't miss this upcoming paper out of MSR analyzing current ad networks to see whether they do targeting (personalization) of the ads.  They "run [the]  top 3,000 ad-supported free Android apps in the Google Play market" and analyze what data the apps send to the advertisers and how much the ads change based on location, click behavior, app used, and other differences they create between the users.

The conclusion is that almost all mobile advertising is still unpersonalized (in contrast to web advertising, which is often is at least partially personalized nowadays), which probably represents a huge opportunity. And they report on what ad networks do target, how much, and on what, so you can see the state of each of the ad networks in competing to do personalized mobile advertising.

This is the kind of paper that easily could sneak by. If you are at all interested in mobile ads, definitely a worthwhile read.
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