These smartwatches are slowly getting more fashionable and attractive, but still look awkward.  The primary design problem is that you are trying to put a tablet on your wrist, so you need a large screen to view and touch, but a large screen on your wrist is ugly and awkward.  Bracers (an arm sheath) might be one solution, but that seems pretty ugly too.  Perhaps gesture recognition (detecting hand/arm/tendon movements)?  But that would be goofy, either looking like you're having an arm seizure (for tendon movement detection) or like you are casting spells (for arm/hand gestures) when you try to control your watch, and you would have a hard time looking at the screen at the same time too.

It might just be that too many advances in I/O (like all of virtual displays, voice detection, and gesture recognition) are needed to be able to build a small, useful, attractive, and smart device that fits on your wrist.  We'll see, but I'm not hopeful on smartwatches working out any time soon.
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