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Very worth reading.  Potential for new forms of large scale data collection (like Target being able to determine which Walmart stores are getting lots of customers and what time of day they are busy) by combining newly available high resolution satellite images with newly available large scale object recognition.  Big privacy implications as well.
Skybox's fleet of cheap, ultra-efficient satellites will give us real-time data that could upend industries, transform economies, and predict the future.
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If the problem is so easy a startup can do it, then why isn't Google already doing it? It would mean access to a whole lot more data for Google Maps, without having to rely on third parties.

I reckon there are some regulatory issues, that would (currently) prevent them from doing so. Given the article mentions that that they could get shut down in an instant, I reckon this would be something that's preventing others from even trying (at the moment).

It'll certainly be interesting if companies can snoop on each other in order to lure away customers from their competitor. With regards to the mining example, I could imagine people pumping or dumping the mining companies stock, just because somebody published a report based on these images.

I'm not necessarily worried that it'll be used for bad purposes (spying on people/companies), but rather that it'll be used incorrectly (by drawing completely wrong conclusions).
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