Different people we work with tend to have different ideas of what it means to get things done.

Researchers think doing things means doing something new and hard, a dent of new knowledge for our universe. PMs think doing things means building products people love. Managers think doing things means building people, teams, and organizations. Designers think doing things means building experiences. Software engineers think doing things means improving code. Data scientists, statisticians, and economists think doing things means uncovering knowledge in data.

I personally think get things done means all of these, but only when they actually matter and help people, so get things done means get things done that have a positive impact.

When people on the team don't understand, respect, or value what others on the team do, you usually get a dysfunctional team. If you don't understand and accept that different people view getting things done differently, and that others may be right about at least part of it, you're going to have a hard time being successful.
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