This does appear to be the way smartphones and tablets are going, that they'll be $100 devices and in addition to our other computing devices.

Looking 3-5 years out, the open questions are: (1) Will there be any significant market for high end tablets that cost $500+ (like the iPad)?  (2) How many people will not own a PC at all (in other words, will the smartphone, tablet, and DVR/smart TV/Xbox be in addition to or in place of a PC)?

My answers are no and almost no one.  That is, I'd predict the tablet market three years from now will entirely be sub-$100 devices and that people will continue to own a more expensive laptop/desktop computer in addition to owning a few of these cheaper other devices (as, actually, almost all iPad and smartphone owners do now).  But conventional wisdom seems to be the opposite, so either I'm wrong or lots of other people are.
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