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This is a shame.  Am I the only one who still likes solo games?
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Not much into games, but I think it's interesting how they are derisking through smaller faster to develop games that are turned over faster. Maybe we'll see the same effect for big budget movies?
Given that I often play during irregular hours, I prefer single-player games, because I can drop in and out at my own accord. Furthermore, matches in games like League of Legends or Stacraft 2 easily last 45+ minutes, which means I need to be able to play without interruption (at the risk of losing the match).

So I would sorely miss single player campaigns! 
That's fine, but I don't think they can expect us to join "guilds" and the like. I don't care if there are other players in the games I play, but I want to be able to play when I want and for just how long I want.
In World of Warcraft they ended up 'dumbing' the game down, so you would be able to play dungeons or even raids without the need to join a guild. However, this means the game becomes as challenging as the lowest capable player in the group, which takes the fun away for those interested in a challenge.

Though on the flip side, games like Halo, Call of Duty or Starcraft try their best to put you in the right bracket, so you'll play against slightly weaker and slightly better opponents. This works a lot better, because you don't necessarily depend as much on the worst player in your team.

The difference is probably in the PvE vs PvP style. Its hard to tweak the difficulty of the environment for groups of varying skills, whereas in PvP there's often no need for a balancing AI. Here it comes down to matchmaking, which is probably easier to tweak (though not an easy problem).

We'll have to see what kind of models they'll force upon us, so we're required log onto their servers in an attempt to fight piracy...
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