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I wish G+ let people show a little quick description for under their names in menus like this one--out of 128 I have no idea who to follow with just names and pictures :O
Thanks so much Greg. I am constructing a Laden bin
If you click "View Post" to see everyone in the list, you can hold your mouse over the people and see more about what they do. That's why it's so important to give yourself a title.
The circle sharing has been overwhelming. Dunbar number exceeded.
Yea---To be honest, I've been just saving each circle as a whole and then pruning them into other circles XD It's a lot to handle :O Some weeks ago I thought G+ was empty...
Oh great, now Imma have the Feebs all over me again!!!
Thanks..128!?! Well, I love the wild world of science bloggers so, the more the merrier! Those taglines certainly help in narrowing things down.
I have finally worked out something about this circle sharing thing. It is all related to blogs. If you write a blog and want everyone to read it (because you probably get more advertisers that way) then you want to maximise the number of people who see what you write, particularly your postings of the news that there is a new blog. I do not write a blog.
If you do not write a blog but want to watch what the world of science (or whatever) does uninvited, then you want to put as many people as possible into a circle you can see. I don't much want to use G+ for that because anything I want people I do not know to see I write about in a publication.
So do I just want Facebook? Well, no. I am tediously going through all the people who add me to a circle and seeing whether I want to put them in one of my circles or ignore them. The vast majority I ignore. Why do I have to do that?
I hear you're the reason I got circled by a pile of actually interesting science types today, so thank you for that!

Beats yesterday when a gazillion people circled me hoping I'd play Cityville with 'em despite the clear note in my profile that I won't.
Egads, I hope I live up to the hype. Or that you all really like nerdy cake.
+Iain Davidson I have not noticed whether G+ pushes folks 'into the background' if you do not circle them back. I thought that was what the Incoming link was for (posts by those you haven't circled back). Or do you end up with lots of notifications? I see how it all could become overwhelming!
The circles serve two purposes. They let you organize people into groups that you want to read. And they give you a circle of people that you can privately share to. I have a circle that's just "friends", and so I can post messages to them that none of my regular readers are going to see. You can even just have circles with 5 people in them.

You don't have to think about all the people who are circling you. That just means they want to read the public stuff you're posting. All their posts are located in the incoming stream, but you don't even have to look at it.

So it doesn't get overwhelming as long as you don't try to circle everyone back. That's not sustainable.
+Fraser Cain, that is exactly what happened. I used to have more or less reciprocal circumscription policy, as I was at about <100 followers, and I put those whom I was following more consistently/interacting with in circles in order of my interest. And now I should change my standards, because I cannot sort through all of them now. There was some activity when the gates were open to all, but I was not expecting the surge precipitated by circle sharing.
So far, for me, circles are for narrowing down what I see not to whom I say/show things.
+Greg Laden same here! Which is really really handy. It's rare I add or remove circles from posts rarely, but when I do it's damn awesome.
Once we get circle subtraction, I'll seriously start sharing on G+. Right now I don't want to overwhelm my friends with my science stuff.

+public -friends
Friends who are overwhelmed by science aren't long term friends in this household. They usually give up on us first, though.
All of the above is true. The problem is that the default is to see the whole stream. I want to default to see one of my circles.
+fraser cain I thought it defaulted to whatever circles you last used?
Just tried that. Did not work. Or do you have to log out for it to work
Iain, apparently you can't do that but the suggestion has been made. Look for it in an plugin as well, in coming weeks. It makes a lot of sense.