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I'm really not happy that Apple plays these tax games. They make a lot of money - pay your god damn taxes.
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If it's legal, then they, as every other business or individual, should only pay what they are legally obligated to pay.

I understand the frustration, but as an individual tax payer, I do everything I can to lessen the amount of taxes I have to pay. I don't purpossfully try and break the law, but I also take every deduction I can.

If we don't like companies doing this, then we need to tell our representatives to change the laws.

Let's not be mistaken, Apple isn't the only company that takes advantage of these poorly written or maybe that is expertly written laws that let them pay far less then they should.

It makes me angry, though the way we as citizens have allowed corporations to take over our government is appalling and I believe we're seeing more and more of that frustration bubbling up during this current election cycle.
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Where's Evan?
NBBJ is the first major architecture firm jumping headlong into VRby incubating its own platform.
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Looks like we'll be able to use it this summer. I need to talk to +Sean Burke about this. 
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Interesting review of Graebert's ARES Commander CAD package. Its DWG native, shares tool and command-line structure with AutoCad, and seems to be doing AutoCad on the Mac better than AutoDesk is. And its like getting Full AutoCad for the price of AutoCad LT.
Does Germany's Graebert have what it takes to challenge mighty Autodesk's market leading AutoCAD in global 2D CAD? In this in-depth product review, Architosh
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I was intrigued by this because occasionally I will have to do some work in AutoCad, and I've rented it by the month to do that. This looks like a better value, and the few inconsistencies with AutoCad don't bother me as I'm not used to it anyway.

And, well to put it plainly, I feel AutoDesk has worked to take advantage of our profession, limit our choices, and extract as much money from us as it could. I'd rather not do business with them. At all.
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A little info reveal re Bluetooth 4. Currently Apple is not allowing manufacturers to bring their own drivers to the party for any Bluetooth 4 (low energy) mouse, meaning you have to use Apples basic mouse control panel which means no control over button function. Without the ability to customize the functions of mouse buttons a mouse is basically useless.

So Apple is blocking custom mouse configuration for all but their own Magic Mouse.

So. If you want a Bluetooth 4 mouse - and Bluetooth 4 is clearly the best standard for a wireless mouse - if you want one, the only one you can choose is Apples scroll-wheeless magic mouse.

If you don't you'll likely end up with a 3 button mouse where two of the buttons are the same function. How smart is that.
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+Evan Troxel I don't think that is related because this is restricted only for Bluetooth v4. Older bluetooth versions developers can write drivers for. Its just the latest and greatest that is boxed out.

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Thinking about a new "travel" mouse to keep in my bag and use when I work at home. Currently carrying a Kensington that I've standardized on for years, but the long cable is bugging me. I've never been a big fan of bluetooth but for a travel mouse I'll try it.

Apple's magic mouse is pretty, but I'm concerned that without the scroll wheel it won't work well for my reflexive use of the Sketchup interface. I rely on a scroll wheel with a scroll button, and I think the MM just can't even do it. Disappointing, plus I'm annoyed the current model only works in El Capitan - lame.

So, any recommendations on a slim bluetooth mouse with a scroll wheel. Slim is better than small and tall for stashing in my bag.
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+Greg La Vardera That's Microsoft for you. #jobone 😂
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Well Apple Notes without the Apple Pencil is a non-starter. Here's what it was like.

First off, Apple Notes will not pair with the Bluetooth stylus, so using the Waccom with it was just a little better than your finger. Very hard to be precise with where you place a line, and what is worse is there is no palm rejection at all, so you have to write and draw with your hand elevated above the screen.

In the end this is really all about the stylus. This could be as good as the rest I've tried if it worked with the bluetooth devices. But without that its the worst. And with the Apple Pencil, its the best. The ironies!
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Well, I returned that damn Wacom bluetooth stylus, so until Apple releases the smaller iPads with force touch and compatibility with the Apple Pencil, my trials and search for sketching software is on hold!

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Have him in circles
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A collection of early tablet, phone, and computer concept designs from Apple.
Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet.
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+Greg La Vardera There are hundreds of "No's" for every "Yes." 
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It does not have to be an iPad Mini Pro, just an iPad Mini that works with the Apple Pencil. Please.
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the regular iPad is too big! The Mini is just right!

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Peeps - MacBooks $300 off till the end of biz on Saturday. Thats $999 for the 256g drive version of the MacBook. I wish I needed one:
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it may get a little bit faster, but I doubt any big changes in the next version. This still looks like a good deal.

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Here's a customer service story - my wife's new MacBook, we got it Dec31st, its 6 weeks old, the space key went bad. Stopped clicking, and the ends stopped working. Pressing hard in the center would give you a space character, but it was impossible to type.

Back to the Apple Store with it, and they just swapped it out for a new one, not the slightest hesitation. 
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+Greg La Vardera Try that with a cheap ass Dell or HP PC. 
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Looking at the new thin MacBook for my wife and wondering how you migrate a user on to that thing. I discovered that the new USB-C will have a target disk mode. But that will only be helpful getting a user off the MacBook, not so much with getting them on.
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Boy what a debacle that turned into. Seagate back-up drive came with a dead dongle. Checked every dongle in the house looking for a match. Went to office in middle of night looking for a match, gave up and went to bed at 3am. Got new backup drive at BestBuy in morning, swapped data in a few hours!
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Another entry in my quest to find a measuring note-taking app for iPad. Today I fiddled with the iPad Pro and the Apple Pencil at the Apple Store - pardon the image in this case, I snapped it with my iPhone instead of trying to email the document to myself.

The quick verdict here is that this was easily the best measuring note sketching experience I had so far.

The Notes app is has a brief set of tools which makes working so much simpler - really not a lot of depth here for sketching, but really everything you need for this task. The ruler is easy and fast to use and lets you make a hard-line sketch very rapidly. This works well even with your finger tip, no stylus needed which speaks well to using it in the field. Notes lets you place several sketches in a single note, so while I have not tried yet to place several room sketches in a single document it appears that you may have this option for organizing your notes. The sketching tools did not include a way to type text into the sketch - all text would have to be hand written.

I have not tried this yet with my iPad and my Waccom bluetooth stylus, but I will do that next. One thing about this quick test is that while I hate to gush, the biggest difference here was clearly the Apple Pencil, and the high level of interaction it supports with the App. This is the only instance where I feel writing on the screen felt "normal". The tip has the right amount of drag on the screen to feel like the tooth of a paper sheet, and there was no effort to trick my mind into thinking I was seeing ink coming from the tip of a pen. As a result handwriting felt completely normal. That is a HUGE leap from my experience with my own stylus. The whole issue of simulating writing simply went away. What you see in the image is just a little bit of writing, but clearly the best from any of my trials. I went back to it after this photo and wrote some more because I was simply struck by how UnRemarkable it was, and I meant that to describe this as a great acheivement.

I'll see if I can come even close to this experience with my waccom on my own iPad, and I'll report back.
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+Alan Currall I was able to export a Note sketch to the Photos App as a .png, but I suspect if you have it syncing via iCloud to your Mac you may have other options, such as printing your notes to a PDF.

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