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Greg La Vardera
architect focused on modern, houses, and building better
architect focused on modern, houses, and building better

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Apples Lightening connector - am I along in thinking this connector sucks?

The contacts are so small and so closely spaced I feel like its easily faulted by lint that inevitably collects in the socket. It does not take much before the connection is bad enough to fail to charge or fail for data.

And phone cables used to break at the cable connection to the plug. I feel like Lightening cables begin to wear, or the socket begins to wear, and it does not take much play before they fail to connect.

I can't be the only person experiencing this.

Tell me - when did FileMaker Pro become all about "making apps" and hardly a mention of relational database? This seems very weird to me, and sort of short-term trendy thinking. Its not even as if they present it as building database applications is a strong function of the software - the entire messages seems to be about building apps.

I think thats selling FileMaker Pro extremely short. First of all, the only kind of apps you are going to build are data based functions. Not that this is not a very wide gamut. But you are not going to build games, or build sketching or design apps with it. They hardly qualify this in the pitch.

So WTF happened that being the best relational database was not enough anymore? 

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the most awesome iPhone camera mount:

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Well the new MacBook Pros are here - what do you think?

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