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Here is an interesting thought and question;
As science progresses we are discovering more and more planets. A large Earth like planet may have been discovered recently as well. From a creationist viewpoint all of the universe we know today was created at the same time. It goes to reason then that if there are other races out there they would be about the same level of ability as us.

How does that affect your personal understanding of your religion?
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Greg Krynen

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Discovered this as a kid!
A wheel barrow makes a nice handy chair when out in the fields and a break is needed.
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I highly recommend Mr Nobody.
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Hope it arrived home safe.
Coyote riding public rail in Portland, OR
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Greg Krynen

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+Sam Ronicker  Said"Wait, so rather than writing me off.  Explain something that is "unnatural."  Is mankind merely one small part of nature?  Without a biblical narrative placing mankind as a some level higher or controlling nature.  We're just smart monkeys.  Explain to me how we're something more without the existence of a Higher Power.

So, polution is just human refuse.  Just that there are MORE of us and our refuse doesn't break down as quickly as other animals.  We take natural substances and twist them to suit our needs.  Then we misuse those things and toss them out without reusing them or breaking them down in a more responsible manner.  However, we're just one other part of nature.  We're no different that the bear that poops in the woods.  Do we call the bear poop polution?  Of course not.  Why do we call our own poop polution?

I don't know YOUR particular position, just putting words to the rational view that comes out of an atheist position."

I felt this deserved to individual responses, one about pollution and one about atheist thought lines.
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+Mark McGee LOL. You can't have been very good at it, if it wore off.
Again, what you said was the direct opposite of an informed secular stance, revealing that you have no understanding whatsoever of what it entails to be an atheist or an environmentally aware person.
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5 pictures from my morning
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Digital Public Library of America's one-year anniversary. To celebrate the occasion, the non-profit library network announced six new partnerships with major archives, including the US Government Printing Office and the J. Paul Getty Trust.
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Greg Krynen

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If you have followed the rancher versus BLM drama lately what are your thoughts about the armed citizens standing up against the armed government.
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I personally don't know what to think of Bundy yet. I mean, after all, he IS a RICH cattleman-two things I don't like. I am still sifting through the stories for the facts. As the standoff, it is about time somebody finally said,"no! Fuck you, come and try us!" 
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I keep hearing a very errant statement about atheist view points. It goes something along the lines of atheist only believe in evolution, atheist have no morals because no one wrote it down for them, atheist have no reason to exist therefore the end game for them is to collect at all costs for personal gratification.

What a crock full of poo!

There might be a few out there that think those thoughts. Here is the simple view that ALL atheist agree on: We exist, there are no gods.

Yup, that simple.

Let me go further with some examples of what an atheist can be;

Christians believe in the One True God of their faith. By argument that would mean all others that do not align with that one true god (not capitalized this time on purpose) are atheist. Why? Well unless they are from Abrahamic religion they would believe in another god or gods.

There are atheists that are literally born that way (actually we all are in my view). They have no interest in learning about any religion. This type of person goes about their day much like any one else, bathing, kissing the family goodbye, going to work, coming home, kissing the family hello and spending time with them, sleeping. This type of atheist literally has zero belief structures outside of what they experience as life.

Before the spread of Christianity there were whole continents without a clue about the God of the Jewish. They believed in other gods. Some were nature based, gods of weather and plants, etc. Some were more mystical, gods of emotions, and social events. Some were close to being mono-theistic with a single lead god and helpers.
For many there were female god heads instead of male. Others had unisexual gods.
Some of these folks have converted to Christianity, others Islam, others keep their old faiths and modernize them, and yes some became atheist.

Now onwards! Not all atheists think the same, shocker I know. Some believe in macro evolution, some don't. Some think morals are socially taught, some think we are born with basic morals. Some see no reason for existence (and need counseling in my opinion) others see all sorts of reasons for their existence.
To lump everyone under one generalized (and very faulty) line of thought is just plain wrong. We are individuals regardless of beliefs.

I have to leave now as life is calling and my family depends on me to get places still.....
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+Addison Alexander you don't strike me as the type who makes blanket statements and snap judgements.

That said, in all my conversations with you, I honestly don't understand why you are a theist.

I've seen you hit hard limits on what you'll accept with respect to evolution, but they are at least somewhat well reasoned limits even if I think they are mostly derived from ignorance.

I've also seen you reason more appropriately with respect to all sorts of "philosophical" issues like morality.  Again, with hard limits... but I guess I don't understand where those limits always come from.

At some point it's like you go... "that's still not enough."

Which I'm completely OK with... it's actually, in some regard, proper skepticism.  What confuses the hell out of me is when you follow up "that's still not enough" with "therefore God."

I'd be curious if you can explain as directly and personally as possible as to why it is you accept theism, and in particular Christian theism.

I've often said of myself that given the appropriate "experience" I'm sure I'd probably accept it as well, sometimes experiences just trump "knowing better."  So I'm curious, was it an experience you had?  If so, what was it?

Obviously the experiences of others don't serve as a good reason for me (for all sorts of reasons).  So I'm not looking for you to try and convince me one way or the other.  I'm simply flat out asking you to elaborate what you can.
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Lunar eclipse April 14, 2014 (6 photos)
Through the night high wispy clouds came in which made it hard for me to focus. I wanted to use longer exposure with lower ISO but the movement of the bodies was too much as it darkened, I need a tracker tripod (or a telescope on one!)
All in all it was a great experience though, had fun trying out some ideas.
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+Greg Krynen almost the same :)Bravo!
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