Dropbox is disruptive?

Don't get me wrong - I love Dropbox but +Bill Gurley's post about it being a "major disruption" is a bit of an overstatement. If your computing universe revolves around Apple, yes it's probably disruptive because file syncing has historically been a pain. But in the last few years a number of companies have emerged that handle syncing really well with broad OS support. I would argue that SugarSync handles file syncing and file management much better than Dropbox with many more features. For the next month Box.net, with similar features to Dropbox, is giving away 50GB of data. It's a crowded space and the window for Dropbox being unique or disruptive is closing quickly.

What's disruptive now? Enterprises using shared cloud storage as file shares from multiple locations using a global name space on virtual appliances. Few companies are doing this right now but the implications and growth are so much larger than the consumer market. Where Dropbox users are buying capacity by the GB, companies are buying file sharing cloud storage by the TB. It's not as sexy and cool as an iOS app, but it really is disruptive.
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