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How to install Google Apps on your Kindle Fire

This is how you can install Google Apps on your Kindle Fire without rooting and with the exception of installing the Market app, it's very easy. I've already installed Gmail and Plus and haven't run into problems yet. You'll see that installing the Market is tricky but not impossible... but I haven't done it yet.
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Greg, thanks for posting. I do have a question for you. How do you get the raw APK files? I can't find a repository where these are so I don't have to download the Market App and root my Kindle Fire.
Yeah, I have that, but I mean other APK's in general. (BTW, the Google Calendar App is not in that APK.)
+Chris Gaskins The easiest way I've found (and it's a pain) is to first download the app to your Android phone, do an application backup of your phone using Astro app (free download, make sure you backup to SD card), connect your phone to a computer, open the 'apps' folder that has the backup of the APK's, copy APK's to a folder on your computer, connect Kindle Fire to the computer, copy APK's over to Kindle Fire, install ES File Explorer from Amazon Appstore and then install those APK's from within ES File Explorer. Not all apps will work but most do.
+Paul Phipps I'm not sure... are you talking about Google Calendar? If so, I'll try it and figure it out.
Yeah, if anybody works out how to get GCal to sync on an unrooted Fire, i'd love to know.
I just used the Kindle Fire Utility from the XDA forums. Super easy and worth the little effort.
Zipped Google Apps (APK's) is not available anymore. Multiupload link doesn't work. Can anybody provide link or share it? Thx
do you know if this will work on the kindle hd?
Yeah I would've posted this on the XDA page but it wouldn't let me because it's system is terrible!
 Anyway, the Multipload link leads to an ad for an Ilivid download. On top of that, when you skip it, it says, "the offer is not available in your geographical area" or something like that. Anyway, end of story. Conclusion: TOTAL SCAM!
Thanks for this! I know that rooting will break Amazon Prime (free videos, etc.) Will this method still let me keep my Prime capabilities?
i got nothing but problems
you guys need to get 1 mobile market. you don't need to root your kindle fire.
sorry for the necro, but are there a way to get the current version of the google APKs?
Hello. I have already set Gmail and Google+ on my fire phone. But I am unable to download my own photos from google+. Could anybody help? It has button for downloading but no reaction
1 mobile gives me a security warning so I opted out
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