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2 weeks until PAX!
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You posted this at 9:47 AM. Good timing!
Two weeks from then, we'll be walking forward in a queue line towards the keynote.
I'm curious to see what memes' make it on the Twitter wall this year. "Snake? Snaaaaaaaaaake!"
I feel like I've got a Disney World trip coming up, only this is actually better.
Seriously, this is what we live for.
To help unfortunate merfolk... like yourself.
I wish I could go to Disney World annually like I have been with PAX East.
I have a trusted source that has an unused PAX East 3-day badge. Is anyone interested?
+John Brooks I should have talked to you on xbox live about this. But I just wanted to get a definite confirmation. My friend says he doesn't want any money for the pass. We just have to coordinate the transfer. He's flying in from Ohio.
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