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Does anyone know how to relaunch the "Whats News" animation you get after the 5.1 update? I swiped right and it disappeared!

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First test run last night and some observations/questions. I used this on one wrist and my Garmin Fenix on the other.

The SW3 and Ghostracer got a GPS lock very quickly, whilst the Garmin took over a minute.

Once I started running it took a few hundred metres for Ghostracer to register any distance covered, is this expected behaviour?

After the run the app on phone reported 8.3km run with 57:32 time, when I uploaded the run to Strava it shows as 8.6km run with 55:58 moving. The garmin and garmin upload for Strava report it as a 8.7km run with 56:39 moving time.

The average speed seems pretty consistent on both devices, SW3 reporting 6.31 km/h and the Garmin reporting 6.30 km/h

Both got identical times for a Strava segment.

The watch is really easy to read whilst running, low display is visible from street lights in the dark and a quick tap turns on the main light for darker sections.

So all in all very pleased, just would like to understand the distance and time discrepancy. I have both uploaded to Strava currently but will need to delete one unless you need to see the Strava track vs the GPS +Craig Jarratt 


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Just been out with my Garmin watch and thinking how I use it before I try out Ghostracer. Is there the ability to have a lap button? I sometimes do 1km at a set speed, then 1km slower and repeat, so having a lap button and having the watch show the lap pace is essential for doing that!

Can anyone clarify if I need activity tracking switched on the phone in Google fit for it to sync with my new Sony smartwatch 3? The watch tracked loads of steps yesterday that don't appear in Google fit and also have been lost from the phone as well.

Amazon UK doing £30 Amazon credit when you buy the Sony SW3 between 1 December and 21 December, 2014.

Has anyone moved from a Garmin Fenix to an Android Wear device? I am looking at the Sony Smartwatch 3, as it has GPS tracking. Looks like the only thing missing at the moment is connecting to a HR strap via bluetooth, do people think this will be possible in the near future?

I currently have a Garmin Fenix that I use to track runs, I am seriously looking into a SW3 to replace it. It looks like Ghostracer will track my runs, but are you working on a way to pick up HR from a bluetooth HR monitor as that seems to be the only missing piece. Thanks, Greg

Does anybody know if a company is planning a watch with GPS and heart rate built in? so far only the Microsoft Band and Fitbit Surge appear to have both sensors, but would really like an Android Wear watch!
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