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Greg Hickman
Technophiliac | Trail Runner | Weight Lifter | Bourbon & Beer Drinker | Good Natured Goofball
Technophiliac | Trail Runner | Weight Lifter | Bourbon & Beer Drinker | Good Natured Goofball

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"Privately funded..."

That's a plan I can get behind.

Hey, James, I don't know if anyone has brought this up before, but have you considered a tagging system for workouts and individual sets that people could filter on?

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A favorite hike in Portland.... The Pittock Mansion from Macleay Park along Balch Creek. The mansion grounds aren't blooming yet, and the mountains were hidden by clouds, but still a great view of the city...
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Somewhere between a hike and a run is what I like to think of as a "lope."

#columbiarivergorge #bridgeofthegods #drycreekfalls #PCT
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This was my last big run before my taper begins. I was a little trepidatious after my knee issue while pounding the pavement during last weekend's long run. I decided I would go back to the trails and see if that would help the knee out.

I thought about two options: a run on the soft, and very muddy, Wildwood trail, where the mud might be a factor in slowing me down considerably, or Leif Erickson, with it's harder surface (although not as hard as the pavement on the Springwater Corridor from last weekend), but less elevation gain, less mud and a bucket list E2E2E run.

I chose Leif Erickson and it worked out quite well. My knee didn't complain at all. I'm still not entirely sure what caused it to flare up in the first place, but I was ecstatic that it stayed quiet today. I drank plenty of water and my calves didn't cramp up. Leif Erickson has a good deal more elevation gain than I realized... I guess all those small rolling hills add up! Incidentally, I saw another (much younger and fitter) guy doing the E2E2E with absolutely no water on him. I don't know how people do that!

Portland came through in the weather department with a sunny spring day (a little chilly)... I could see St Helens, Adams, Hood and the other Cascades through the trees in spots! And the run itself felt good! I'm feeling better about my chances for a PR out at the Vernonia Marathon in three weeks!

20.1 Miles
2300 Feet Elevation Gain

Check out my run on Strava:

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Me: "I don't know why everyone goes on about Mt Hood...It's not as big as Rainier, it's not as pretty, it doesn't have as much snow..."
Jason: "Uh... Greg...."
Me: "... It's right behind me, isn't it..."

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Everyone needs a good nerd laff on Monday morning....

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This sounds like such a perfect life.... sigh

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I needed a good (kind of nervous} chuckle this morning....

“National Park Service Temporarily Ordered To Stop Tweeting: Reactions From Wildlife” @FullFrontalSamB
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