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"A surfeit of wonders will dull the mind." - Pratchett and Baxter in The Long Earth

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To better facilitate updating simpleinvoices (and for privacy concerns) I'm attempting to move my installation of SI from shared hosting to a local machine (in my office).

I attempted to do this by:
1) creating a blank mysql db,
2) installing (via git clone) simpleinvoices,
3) exporting .sql file from existing installation (with already updated SI),
4) importing .sql to local db

(I did both export and import via phpmyadmin. I also tried using the SI backup .sql file.)

Here's the problem:

Everything seems to be good except on the Customers page.

There's nothing listed there.

All the customers show up in popup menus (e.g. in invoice). All invoices are listed on Invoices page. They're all populated with correct info, including customer info. The customers are all present in the db table as I look at it in phpmyadmin.

So what could I have done wrong? Where would I start to look? Anybody have any thoughts/ideas?


I'm still having troubles with escaping characters. If I use quotation marks in a description field within an invoice those marks get escaped.

"Lee" becomes \"Lee\"  on output to web, pdf and in email.

I thought I'd fixed it on/near line 529 in functions.php by uncommenting the commented out portion of function htmlsafe().

But no. The escape slashes are back like a bad penny.

Am I the only one who's got this problem?

magic_quotes_gpc is enabled on my server.

Anybody have any pointers?

So is Google+ working pretty well as a replacement for the support forums?

Hi All,

I'm newish to simpleinvoices. I'm using latest stable release (2011) on a shared host and like it a lot. I may install locally as I move forward.

I'm having one irksome issue I'm not sure how to solve with my current smarts.

When I use apostrophes in notes, descriptions and email bodies, they get escaped with a slash but they are not unescaped when printing to paper, pdf or email.

Is this something that's fixed in later releases? Is it something that can be fixed easily by an intermediate php guy?

It has been fun remembering to write without using possessives or contractions. Too much fun, now it is time to get down to business. smile

Thanks a lot for all the work on this software!

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