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Plotting the big cloud storage solutions' pricing options.
That's a simple view, but I think it's roughly accurate. Some other caveats just to the pricing to keep in mind: Amazon S3 charges separately for upload and download bandwidth where the other ...
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+wesley chun, +Iein Valdez There are several I left out. The developer storage is a good one and a fun comparison against Amazon S3. Amazon S3 though is more commonly used as the backend for a wide array of other startups' consumer interfaces though and thus is a more useful comparison.
Greg, I don't follow. You are comparing consumer focused storage solutions (Drive, Dropbox, ...) with a high level developer API against planet scale storage ones such as Amazon S3 and leaving Google Cloud Storage out?

I wouldn't even put all of them in the same bag since their feature set and pricing model is drastically different - e.g:

Drive has a 10GB file size limit, Cloud Storage limit is in the order of TBs;

You don't pay for transfer in Drive/Dropbox. You do pay for data transfer when using S3 and Cloud Storage.
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