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Gregory Gopman
Hello, my name is Gregory Gopman and I am the CEO of Stealth
Hello, my name is Gregory Gopman and I am the CEO of Stealth

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It's a VR World... I'm just getting in where I fit in.

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It's been an interesting few months back in San Francisco. Shortly after being back, a reporter reached out about doing a piece detailing my journey over the past few years: fall from grace, all the work I put in to try and fix the city and my personal journey overcoming the new challenges this all had me face. In total we did 5 interviews over 6 weeks.... for the first time EVER someone took the time to learn my story, and that meant a lot to me.

Last week that article hit #1 on, which is pretty awesome. I'm totally fucking honored that someone was interested enough in me to take a deeper look and even more appreciative that people have taken the time to read it. I still don't think this piece does justice for all the BS I've had to personally deal with, or to all the solutions we tried to push forward @ A Better San Francisco or all the incompetent assholes in the city we had to deal with (and still have to), but far and wide, this is the closest thing to the truth that has ever been published.

If you haven't read it, give it a go. I've moved past most of it and am in a completely new chapter of my life now. But I'll never forget the life lessons I learned through it..... the crazy experiences I've had.. and how fast the world we know can get twist turned on top of itself. Enjoy the good times while they last smile emoticon

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Looking for the best way to survive the holidays? Here are a few tips I have picked up over the years on how to hack the holidays the best. Enjoy!

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