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Greg Goodman

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When your driving behind a photographer friend and he suddenly pulls into a driveway alongside a major road and hops out, there's only one thing to do ... grab your tripod, jump over the fence and join him in a beautiful vineyard to capture the day's final colors.
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Beautiful shot. :)
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Greg Goodman

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Have you ever seen anything like this? 

It's called Devils Postpile National Monument - located near Mammoth Mountain in California. These unique and natural columns were formed roughly 100,000 years ago: thanks to volcanoes and lava flows.

Also interesting is that the Postpile was once a part of Yosemite National Park - but the discovery of gold in 1905 near Mammoth Lakes prompted a boundary change that left the formation on adjacent public land.
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Greg Goodman

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Mount Whitney
Alabama Hills, Lone Pine, California

In one of California's most beautiful contrasts, the snow-capped White Mountains stand tall above the red rock desert known as Alabama Hills.
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Greg Goodman

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Goat Rock Beach
Sonoma Coast, California

"Carrie... stop the car," I excitedly said to my wife as we drove towards the Sonoma Coast. 

The sun was seconds away from setting and I knew that this photo of two hikers atop a hill would be my only chance of a sunset image. 

So thanks, Carrie, for quickly pulling over and keeping the dogs occupied while I ran out of the car, flung open the trunk, grabbed my camera and quickly made this photo.

#sunsetphotography   #sunsetphotos   #landscapephotography   #naturephotography   #hikingtrails  
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Greg Goodman

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Devil's Elbow State Park

I pulled of Highway 101 South in Oregon to visit the Heceta Head Lighthouse. Before getting there, I was greeted by this incredible sunset!

To see more photos from that magical trip, check out:
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very beautiful 
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Greg Goodman

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Sonoma County Fair

Yesterday was photographer's night at the Sonoma County Harvest Fair.

After spending hours wandering the fair grounds during the day, the blue hour brought a flurry of activity for the 75+ photogs in attendance.

Tripods were set up, shutter speeds were lengthened and the neon lights of carnival fun became streaks of color in motion.

This was my favorite photo of the night - featuring the Ferris Wheel... and a delicious food stall that makes me hungry just looking at it.
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Greg Goodman

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Mobius Arch
Alabama Hills

It was a cloudy night in the Alabama Hills. After taking a series of photos of the Mobius Arch against the starless sky, I packed up my camera and tripod to leave. 

Then, just as I began to walk back to my car, I noticed that heavens were parting and the Milky Way was coming into view. Naturally, I unpacked and spent the next two hours making long exposures. 

The light in the back of the arch was provided by an external flash with a warming gel - set up by another photographer working by my side.

#landscapephotography   #stars   #astralphotography   #californiaphotography  
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Greg Goodman

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Northwood Golf Club
Monte Rio, California

"Get out of bed and grab your camera," my wife exclaimed. "The sunlight is beautiful on the river."

With those words, I sprung from a deep sleep and hopped into the car: wiping sleep from my eyes as we headed down towards our favorite beach. However, before arriving, I noticed a dense fog hovering above the local golf course with sunlight shining through the trees. As you can see from this photo, I decided to stop. 
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magical. :) 
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Greg Goodman

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You may have heard about last night's Supermoon Blood Moon Eclipse. 

This is what it looked like in Northern California.
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Late post, but thanks for the view
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Greg Goodman

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Milky Moon
Armstrong Woods, California

It's amazing how much we see - but don't realize we're seeing.

Take the Milky Way. 

Every time you look up into the night sky, it's there for the glimpsing. Spread out over billions of miles, the naked eye can almost always perceive it. City lights or a cloudy sky may make the view less dramatic - but it's there.

This truth becomes especially clear when pointing a camera towards the heavens. The below photograph was created using a 5 second exposure at ISO 1600 and f/1.4. The bright ball of light on the right is actually a crescent moon - though, it looks more like a blazing sun to me.

#landscapephotography   #galaxy   #milkywayphotography   #naturephotography  
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Greg Goodman

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Changing Lives and Happy Smiles in China

In May, I was honored to join Alliance for Smiles on a medical mission to Xingyi, China.

Our goal was simple: provide free life-changing cleft palate and lip surgery to as many children as possible.

In reality, they were the ones changing our lives.

Every day, our patients greeted us with toothy grins, waves and hugs.

We may have provided them with a free medical procedure; but, the love and joy they gave us in return is unquantifiable.

Now, I proudly present a behind the scenes look at this humbling, inspirational, emotional, motivational, joyful and unforgettable experience.
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I love it Randy
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Greg Goodman

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Taj Mahal
Agra, India

I took this photo 3+ years ago and have been working on it in the digital darkroom ever since.

The process has been an incredible learning experience. There have been numerous other "final" versions - but none that I ever loved... until now.

To see more photography from India, check out:
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