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Sorry to see you go, but totally understand limited resources!
Hmm, curious about your reasons. G+ is really starting to take off imo.
This is damning. I know Greg was seriously into the idea of Google+, and if he's gone that's not a great sign.
I agree with +Simon Tompson - it feels like it is starting to become even more useful / active these days (and I never felt it was a "ghost town" to begin with!).
google+ has communities, that is good to follow stuff, better than circles and facebook lists.
Too sad to read that.
My main reason is because I cannot post updates from Wordpress to G+. I don't have time or the energy to open a web browser to update everytime I post something. And I'm tired of using other peoples platforms to update. 

Just use RSS. It's part of the open web and you don't need a login to use it. 
I believe that is a common complaint, lack of API access ... I'm sure that is coming, but it is hard to understand why they couldn't make it happen a bit faster.  Bidirectionally, preferably.

(On the plus side - G+ is IPv6 reachable, while most blogs are not yet ... )
Yeah agreeing with the majority here. I'm starting to use g+ a lot more than over the last few months. 
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