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Harper Elizabeth Dean, born 12:24 a.m. On July 29, 2011.
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Congratulations! We offer all our blessings to your family.
Congratulations to the both of you :-)
Oh, and you should make the button for PayPal donations a bit more obvious and contrasty (I'm sure that's a word), I had trouble finding it at first ;-)
Finally, people will stop asking Liz if she's had the baby... nah. Congrats, man.
Congratulations! We should probably start "Daddy's Shotgun" fund now.. :)
dude! finally - and well worth the wait I'd say, she is adorable! well done!! :)
Beautiful. Hope mom and dad are doing as well as that yawning little future troublemaker.
CONGRATS Greg & Liz! Welcome to the world little one. May the Lord bless you and keep you all your days!
Congrats to Liz and Greg! Welcome to the wonderful world of parenthood!
She is beautiful. Congratulations to you both.
Congratulations, Greg & Liz! Now have a good sleep while you can. :)
So happy for you guys. She is beautiful. Enjoy, use this first day to recover. You won't get much sleep from here on.
Congratulations to you and Liz, and welcome to the world, little Harper.
Congrats! Character creation is the easy part, now it's all a grind to get them leveled up.
You're a lucky man! Congratulations.
Awww. Can I eat her up? She looks so sweet.

Congratulations Deans.
Gratz Greg, she's beautiful.
Congratulations! So cute. :)
Oh my god! How amazing! ^^
Congratulations, you guys! As someone said somewhere, Achievement Unlocked, right?
Wish you three all the best!
Awwww! Lovely! And awesome name! Congratulations to the whole family!
congrats! what a cutie pie! I had shown the last few strips of Real Life to my sister as she was going thru the exact thing as Liz... and she had her baby girl on Tuesday! it's a happy day for all!
There are already enough congratulations so I say HF and GL :) with GL I mean handling the sleep deprivation that will now commence to it's full extent... It will be more than worth it though.
OMG - they let you breed... LOLz - gratz, extreme gratz :-)
Very nice. Congratulations on your new little tyrant. This kid will be running the house in no time. Good luck keeping what may remain of your sanity. :D
congratulations! All the best and blessings for your whole little family!
Thaaaaat's why there wasn't a new comic. Congratulations on a healthy baby!
Aaaaaawwwwwww... So cute... :-) The down-side is that now you have to draw Comic!Harper. :-D Well, I'm betting you can do it, even though Comic!Greg and Comic!Liz don't have faith in you. :-) Also, if you need time off from us, take it. We won't mind. I'm HOPING you do a Harper comic similar to the Wedding comic:
And remember all the guilt you can bring upon her later in life with 21 hours of labor and a very early morning birth. :D
Congratulations Greg and Liz! Now we have to get you Civilization so that you can start teaching the kidlet the game!
Your daughter shares her birthday with my daughter. If astrology really does matter, expect a headstrong and loving young lady who enjoys pink.

Give Liz a hug from the Fosters clan, I hear that childbirth thing is hard.
Awe Man... I just lost The Game. Also, PROTIP: babies like pretty much any music... you don't need to start listening to "kids music" until they start talking and might start quoting inappropriate lyrics.

Also +Wil Wheaton's birthday too, so good company.
Congratulations! Parenthood is amazing, as I'm sure you're quickly coming to realize.
Congratulations! Hope everyone is doing well! the real question is...can you draw her?
You could have gone with Harper Six, claimed the Beckhams were copying you, and backed it up with the comic.

Major grats to all three of you 
She's finally free and let loose upon the world. Congratulations!
Wow! You guys ready for round two yet? C'mon! Times a wastin'.
Congratulations Greg! She's a beautiful baby :)
She's adorable! Love that little nose!
Congratulations! I hope both baby and momma are doing well!
As everyone else has said... CONGRATULATIONS!
Congratulations. I hope you enjoyed the sleep you've had so far in your life, because it's now a rapidly shrinking memory. But you'll be so happy with your daughter you'll never notice it...for a while.
Absolutely Awesome! She's beautiful. Congratulations!

My 3rd child just turned 6 months old, and I can tell you, the adventure is just beginning.
Congratulations, that's a very good birthday. I know, I've had it for 36 years now.
Heaps congrats, Greg and Liz! Can't wait to see her in the comic, too! :)
Congratulations! Parenting is wonderful and horrible all wrapped in a bow. :)
Congratulations to all you three! She's lovely.
As the most hated person here, I would just like to say that she is beautiful. You all are in my prayers as you go through parent hood and may she grow up to be a successful healthy individual. Happy birthday Harper. God Bless.
Congratulations and happy first days from all six Hitze family members.

Our oldest daughter said 'Süüüss" what translates to awwwwwwww

Beautiful daughter, im looking fwd to the first comics ;)
Congratulations! She's beautiful!

Baby baby baby baby . . . (What? I'm a sucker for the drooling diaper-buckets. And cats. The Internet is a distracting place.)
Congratulations, Greg. They grow up way too fast.
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