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Good morning San Francisco!

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The awesome artwork from +NCSS during the scavenger hunt. (It appears I am missing one of the drawings, sorry about that)  #ncss  
10 January 2013 (11 photos)
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+Sasha Bermeister doing science in her awesome goggles of science at #ncss  

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I would like to point out that these are awesome.

It looks like a pack of chips (especially given the size of the bag), but it is full of choc-chip cookies!

They are also surprisingly not that unhealthy (only 8grams of fat and 16g sugar for the entire packet!).

Anyway, that is my random update for today.... Please carry on.

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An really interesting video about a guy who is trying to solve the problem of global water scarcity.

The technology he presents looks pretty awesome (though I am not an engineer -- so I don't know how sound the stuff is).

Solve for X: Rob McGinnis on global water scarcity

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Another awesome and successful year at the NCSS summer camp.

Thanks to everyone who made it possible and to all of the students who came and had a great time.

Looking forward to NCSS 2012!

Only a couple of more hours to go!

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The question is do I take the SaaS course or the HCI course?
Great news: more free online courses coming next year from Stanford University. Some of us have already benefited from the currently running Machine Learning, Intro to Artificial Intelligence, or Intro to Databases classes. Here are the new classes open for enrollment beginning in January/February 2012:

Computer Science 101:
Software Engineering for SaaS:
Human Computer Interfaces:
Natural Language Processing:
Game Theory:
Probabilistic Graphical Models:

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