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Greg Caldwell
My kids tell me I'm a nerd - and I suppose it's true :)
My kids tell me I'm a nerd - and I suppose it's true :)


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Take a look at this video on YouTube:

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Finally released my latest #Openfl  / #haxe  game 'Window Cleaner' which is available FREE for mobiles/tablets on both iOS and Android.

iPad/iPhone :
Android :

Website :!/windowcleaner

Take a look and please share.


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Another update (1.0.4a) to the #Away3D   port to #OpenFL. This one now uses to the GPU to generate mip-maps and also exposed anisotropic filtering. This works currently on native (PC/Max/iOS/Android) and HTML. Currently you only get mip-mapping on flash and that's done in software rather than on the GPU.

Update via haxelib :
    haxelib update away3d
    haxelib update away3d-examples

Demo :
All demos :

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3D mouse interaction is now working on the #OpenFL port of #Away3D. Demo (Flash & HTML5) can be found at

Also includes some other bug fixes.

Latest version 1.0.3-alpha is available from haxelib or from git :

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OpenFL port of Away3D 1.0.0-alpha is now available through haxelib and GitHub. 

Blog post:

Examples :
(Demonstrates #HTML5 and #Flash published targets)

Video : Away3D for OpenFL 1.0-alpha
(Showing performance on #android Nexus 7 and #iOS iPad 3)


#openfl #away3d

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Here is some recent work I've been involved with which I've added to my web site. 

The final project can be found at and was developed by using away3d. Through AwayStudio, I provided specialist Away3D development solutions for the project.

Full details can be found at &

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Away3D 4.1 Beta and Away Builder 0.9 Alpha released:

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On and off over the last few weeks/months I've been introducing myself to HaxeNME and been very impressed by it all. One thing I was particularly interested in was getting Away3D running in it.

Unfortunately that wasn't gonna be too easy to port the whole thing so I took advantage of the already present haxe implementation of Away3Dlite. Not such a big task but substantial for a first try with NME.

What I have now is a very partial but functional NME port of Away3Dlite.

Check out my blog post for more info and a couple of YouTube videos at :
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