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One great wife and two works of art, make me a very happy man.
One great wife and two works of art, make me a very happy man.

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$800 for a child safety seat?. Overpriced? Not if your child had hip surgery. This "Britax Hippo" becomes priceless. 
"Child safety seat installations" are performed nearly everyday at Buckley's Auto Care and at no charge. We work closely with +Christiana Care to make sure that expecting parents are able to have their "child car seats" safely installed or inspected just in time for that special delivery. 

Today, our "certified car seat technician", Steve Buckley, was asked to install a very special "special needs car seat" in a vehicle. The customer had mentioned that their child had recently had #hipsurgery  and that only a "Britax Hippo" car seat would be able to accommodate the child's needs. We made the installation and adjustments in time for the parents to make their child's discharge date.  

Buckley's Auto Care is the only "auto repair center" in #Delaware that offers car seat fittings as part of our everyday service menu. 

For more information about our car seat program please use this link

Need a car seat fitting or adjustment? Call us today at 302-999-8285

Make your appointment here -

#childcarseat   #babyseat   #safekids  
Britax Hippo Car Seat Installation
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Who'd a thought that washing hands is so involved.. Great time with The Cleaning Girls today. 
We never want to leave smudge marks in or on your car so we gladly participated in "National Clean Hands Day" at the shop this morning with the great crew of The Cleaning Girl a local cleaning and office maintenance company here in Wilmington. We learned that it is recommended to take at least 15 seconds to thoroughly wash your hands. And there is a proper technique as well. Who knew? #cleanhands 
Clean Hands at Buckley's Auto Care
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I know how things get to be last minute for everything. So, here's a reminder. +Buckley's Auto Care  #lastminutecarcare  
If you care as much about your car as you do Thanksgiving Day dinner, you'll understand. Please call early. We're here to help. #thanksgivingdaytravel   #wintercarmaintenance  

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I thought this would be a great video to show the importance of winter time maintenance.
"Radiator flushes" are typically every 2- 5 years depending on the type of "engine coolant" your vehicle requires. This is an example of an internal transmission cooler that cracked, causing extreme contamination within the radiator and transmission.

"wintertime car maintenance" is available now. Stop in or call us at 302-999-8285. Or, follow our link to

Thank you - Greg Buckley  

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This is when an internal transmission cooler cracks allowing the trans fluid to mix with the engine cooling system. Yes, this is a big mess and can lead to severe damage in the two systems. 
Just a nasty situation when an internal transmission cooler cracks. The results are a contamination of both the cooling system and the transmission as well. In this example, we see the effects of the cooling system where the transmission fluid has combined with the engine coolant to produce a milkshake type substance which is detrimental to the condition of the water pump, radiator and heater core.

The fix, is to completely flush the cooling system, replace the radiator, inspect all pumps and of course the transmission fluid must be serviced as well.

Does anyone have any thoughts on Telematics - The Connected Car. What do you think are the good and bad of such technology. Privacy, cost, need? I'd appreciate your insights.

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I sent this very important recall out from my biz page. Over 200,000 units affected. 
Tuesday Car Care Tip: GM and the NHSTA has just announced a major recall for the following models: Trailblazers, Buick Rainer, Envoy, Izuzu Ascender and the Saab9-7x. If you are an owner of one of these vehicles or you know someone who is, please copy and paste this link into your browser to download a copy for yourself.

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Most of the time I take videos about car maintenance. Today, it was something different... I think we're Samuel L. Jackson approved now. 
Oil changes, tire repairs and Snake Removal. A new service menu item here at Buckley's Auto Care..

Never sneeze in a barber's chair...

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