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Would like to hear how others separate thier social media lives? Me
- Facebook: Friends and family, very little business, lots of conversation
- LinkedIn: Business networking, Interest groups, minimal conversation.
- Google+: Broad (business interest, hobbies, content discovery, some friends via circles, some conversation). Liking Google+ more and more lately, love communities, especially since they are relatively small, for now I suppose, little spam (moderators please do your job to keep groups well manicured).
- Twitter: News feed and content discovery, little conversation, bookmarks

Other niche ones but these are my main four. What are yours?
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Facebook: Friends. I post some business things, but mainly personal stuff that I think my family and friends want to see.
LinkedIn: Business, but I don't use it like I should. (Maybe because I still don't know how?)
Google+: Just (re)discovering it, thanks to this community and the Public Relations community, both of which have been great so far.
Instagram: Mainly personal and close or long-time professional relationships.
Twitter: Personal, business, professional, hobbies, whatever. It's my one catch-all social media platform. I'll engage anyone on it and let anyone follow me because it still seems like a great place to stay in touch with the zeitgeist.
Facebook: where I go to share photos with cousins, to hear about college friends in second retirement pursuits and to attract teens to attend university.
Twitter: to share links, to follow hash tagged events, to use as a back channel for other apps.
LinkedIn: to headhunt opportunities for graduates.
Google+: to HangOut and continue long threads.
Audioboo: to connect in the most authentic form of social media I have ever used.
Facebook: primarily for personal sharing, but I follow a number of news organizations (from business media to favorite local weather/news people);
Twitter: ideal for staying on top of industry trends via thought leaders, and also for local need-to-know news such as traffic, sports and weather alerts;
LinkedIn: trying to get beyond simply adding connections. I will try to share more news in 2013;
Instagram: Really liking this and finding it more interesting than Facebook; I will get clients involved in 2013, beginning with a restaurant and conference center near Annapolis, Md.;
Google+: So much untapped value. I will focus a lot of social media energy on Google+ this new year;
Pinterest: I haven't put a lot of effort into this and have no plans for it in the near future.
+Jeffrey Davis I'm having the same issue with LinkedIn, lots of network building but not much discussion. Discussion threads happen in groups mostly, and self-promoters, head hunters and job seekers overwhelm groups unless properly managed (I'm OK with all of that if group rules allow it, otherwise it can annoy those not looking for it). A LinkedIn plus is that it allows for private back and forth messages with connections. 
Same as you for Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+.

With Twitter, it's basically the same as Google+, but with a surprisingly different knowledge graph. Since I generally prefer G+'s interface much more for knowledge sharing, I hope my Twitter contacts will be here more, but hasn't happened so far.
+Michael Mahemoff I don't think you're going to get the same demographic on G+ as you have on Twitter. I wouldn't expect to find all the people I know from the pub to also be in the main aisle queue in my local church and those Sunday faces aren't the same parents I meet on the school playground. 

On top of all that, all my social circles listen to different radio stations, prefer a wide diversity of authors and even cluster around different brands when shopping.

It's a big world out there. And thankfully, there's a time and place for all sorts of conversations. There's no way G+ is going to capture all the social graph.
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