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All your picks are belong to us...
Brooklyn Nets GM Billy King admits that their trade for Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett was a mistake.
This is powerful stuff my girl wrote this morning !
Suppose the KKK and Aryan Brotherhood and other white nationalist groups decided one day that today's the day that they're finally going to stop talking about taking the country back from the blacks/Jews/Hispanics/etc. and actually start doing. They declare RaHoWa and very quickly take over large areas of the rural South where they are concentrated.
And they are NOT messing around... They start rounding up minorities and executing them and dumping them in mass graves. Then they start burning whole neighborhoods and towns. Then they start rounding up other white Christians and executing them because they aren't quite the same kind of Christian and need to be purged.
They take over National Guard posts and other military installations because they've had members infiltrating the military for years. They set up a command and military structure and then start really going to town.
They get local support from police and sheriffs who are tired of people questioning their tactics and abuses of power. They start rooting out even more white Southern Christians and executing them because hey, this is a war and they can't take chances on people that they know aren't 100% with them.
As this happens, the federal government starts operations against them. Tanks start rolling in to Tennessee, entire buildings are shelled. Entire neighborhoods are carpet bombed in an effort to remove the terrorists (and make no mistake, these are terrorists, even if they're white Southerners who look just like you).
Canada, France, and England decide to help the US federal government out and they start bombing campaigns of their own. Russia says, "Man, we gotta get in on this" and starts tossing bombs themselves.
Germany decides to side with the Aryans because... whatever historical reason, it doesn't matter... the point is more bombs, more destruction, more death, more war, all around you everywhere all the time.
While you're out one day with your oldest son and your brother, scrounging for any food left in the Kroger that was looted and shelled last week, a bomb... it doesn't matter whose... is dropped on your house and kills your wife and youngest two children.
That's it. You have nothing left in this world, and your only choice is to get out, get to safety somehow somewhere some way.
So you leave.
You make it all the way to Michigan, but your brother is killed by a KKK patrol who stumbled across your campsite. You give whatever cash you were able to get out of the bank before it closed to a guy who promises to put you on a boat to Canada, but the boat is overloaded, capsizes, and your son is among the 23 dead.
You make it to shore, somehow make it to a refugee camp and start trying to find some way to build a new life in this new country where you don't know anyone, and have no job or ID or money or food.
And then you're told, "Sorry, you're a white Southern Christian. The terrorists are white Southern Christians. We can't give you shelter, you might be one of them. We can't give any of you shelter, go back where you came from, the risk is just too great."
What do you do now? How do you feel about Canadians now? What's your plan?
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The people wanting to deny refugees access to this country should listen to this Republican Representative:
"Americans need to sacrifice and wake up. We must not become them. They win if we give up who we are, and even more so, without a fight."
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Fun crowd of real people, great prices, great place to drink and let go.
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Great sushi at s great price.
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Food is very good. First time I ordered myself (previously someone else placed the order). It went to the wrong address not sure if that was my bad or they mixed up my 2 addresses I put in the website. One was billing the other my work address where the delivery was supposed to go However it did not take much longer even with that happening. Having to spend at least $10 for delivery is a bit of drag especially for one person at lunch.
Food: Very GoodDecor: GoodService: Very Good
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4 reviews
Food is good. Service not so much, It's better to pick it up then delivery.
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