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+School of Rock Lubbock​ Mid-Season Preview

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Even though I've done it many times, every time I try to auth to a Google service on Android, I can't remember how I did it last time, and in the process of relearning it, I'm all like...

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A nice weather picture I happened to capture of storms rolling in behind my house last Wednesday around 4:50pm.

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Another awesome lesson from!
Here's a 9 minute sample from the full Lenny's Ballad Intermediate Lesson.

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Do you want 7.51GB of FREE Music from #SXSW ? Of COURSE you do!

Since 2008, the organizers of SXSW have offered LEGAL torrents of the of the artist showcases (SXSW is originally about the music), and they have handed that job to the public to publish this free music.

Music is from established acts and upcoming bands, so filter thru and keep what you like, delete what you don't!

I think it's cool that they offer this free and is an interesting model for getting theses band's names out there.

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Hey SRV Fans, it's Free Lesson Friday. Get your chording face on for "SRV Life Without You Tricks"
SRV Life Without You Tricks

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Free Lesson Friday: Reverse Raking

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An awesome free lesson Friday from +StevieSnacks
Free Lesson Friday! Don't be boring :-)

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Free Lesson Friday from +StevieSnacks

Happy Veterans Day everyone! I have been out of the Army for 15 years now, but so glad I joined...I learned a lot! Thinking of and praying for our military and their families!
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