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Bottled water with a green conscience.
Bottled water with a green conscience.

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Check out that 100% aluminum bod

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They did it again. We thought that amazing ad Chipotle released two years ago could not possibly be surpassed. We were wrong. Haunting and gorgeous at the same time, Chipotle’s newest creation really turns what we thought an ad could be on its head. More Pixar movie than TV commercial, it lets the story, rather than the brand, take center stage. And it works. Also, the music is Perfect (that capital P is not a typo).

The ad’s powerful critique of industrialized farming is not just another corporate greenwashing attempt. It seems like the company really is trying to live up to its “food with integrity” motto. Along with sourcing their meats from responsible farmers, Chipotle announced in July their plans to become the first US restaurant chain to rid its menu of genetically engineered items. Pretty amazing for a fast food chain.

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