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New Video: Behind the clean white Apple logo lies one of the biggest secrets on the Internet. Apple uses coal to power the massive data centers they use to store and send your photos, music, movies, and applications.

We’ve produced a brand new spoof video that exposes Apple’s secret. Be one of the first to check it out:
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"Tell them to think different." That part was clever. A lot of people are arguing that Greenpeace has become just a bunch of complainers, but I think it's just good, clean consumer pressure. Way to go, +Greenpeace USA. If the claims that your information isn't good enough are true, I expect you to do better. However, there's still no doubt that pressuring Apple to use cleaner energy is a good thing. Whatever point the industry's at, it can do better.
neretva delta in danger, project named The Upper Horizons (Bosnian: Gornji horizonti), a large Hydroelectrical system project will cause the greatest ecological catastrophe in Mediterranean !greenpeace please HELP and get involved !!!
Just saw the #Shell  campaign? Are you guys actually resorting to hoaxes now??? Please tell me this is not true. A fake website is just too low.
Well. +Greenpeace USA are still a bunch of complainers. They could do so much more if they actually studied and tried to change the world instead of violent activism. More actions. Less talking.
Confirmed.... Arcticisready is a viral from +Greenpeace USA under the guise of Shell. Of course..... Who in their right mind would listen no +Greenpeace USA . But Shell... There is some credibility.
#education  on issues like these is so important. It is necessary to understand how the things we do affect our environment. It is so necessary to find a balance with nature. To preserve what we have for continued use is very important.
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