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super excited to be on google+ - please leave a comment and let us know what you think is the best way for us to use this platform!
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I was gonna suggest Google+ to you guys, but you already knew what's up :)

This is great, I miss too much stuff on Facebook and Twitter 'cause the feed is just overwhleming. Google+ is much more organized for me and in one click I can see all my favorite causes and their news!
Well, I'm here, but I don't know how to navigate around Google+ yet. In the learning curve.
I put you in my fallowing list but,so far have not been able to see any of your content on my page)))
Yeah we just started using it too. You guys should utilize google plus hangout more.
I agree with Ted and Climate Action. I think Hangouts is a great feature and can be used to interact and inform in a cool way :)
The Huddle feature can allow many people to interact with each other in wasy other social networking sites do not offer. THe communication power here is GREAT!!! Take advantage!!!
I am very happy to see you on Google+, I too am a noob, today.
Will have to visit the Huddle and Hangout features and try them out.
So far, I love what I see on Google+
Looking foward to interacting with your page a lot. Thanks for being here.
use this page just like Twitter or Facebook. It is a place to post updates and occasionally interact with the community.
What Ole said! Post news stories, campaign news, pics from campaigns and campaigners, and try to provide a couple of updates a week. This should be a lot easier now that G+ allows for multiple page admins. Also, have a word with your colleagues in the UK, and tell them to get a page up!
Also, you may want to connect and promote other eco/green organisations on G+, as am sure they will re-post and share your content too.
NOT posting activism and fake information like is a GREAT start. Tell the truth. Don't lie to the public anymore. Please. Just..... please.
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