It's a win-win approach. 
This solar energy pilot project could simultaneously provide energy and water security. Find out more here:

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Great idea!!! We need more of this.... All over the world..... 
Not gonna be much fun to take a narrow boat down though ;)
i apprecate dis GOD giving idea good use.
Dude. Like a boss.


Yet the chief minister who is behind this project has been banned from visiting the USA and the UK to appease a few Muslim groups 
When I see great ideas like this I keep wanting to pursue my career in future energy an solar panels 
The best ideas are always the simplest... wish I'd thought of it :)
good knight
I hope that water is for agriculture because it looks nasty!!!  Hopefully they treat that really well, because if they don't somebody is getting sick!
u right
and thats why America needs to step up the pace
Brilliant... when's it going to be a regular sighting in North America?
This is the 2nd phase of green energy ... Vision is to set hydro-turbines under this panels to generate more electricity 
U need a hydro electric dam at the end of the canal
and thats Gujarat Govt. lead by Narendra Modi...
I wonder how that would work in Los Angles. They get most of their water from the Rockies via an aqueduct. 
That is going to change the rainfall levels downwind.  Good idea though if it isn't farmland downwind...
It is very nice ideal project
You should have stated that this happens in Gujarat state, under the stewardship of Narendra Modi. 
This really needs to be done in California, where water is sent for hundreds of miles in uncovered canals, generally in baking heat in the summer.
Stop the water from evaporating and the rain will no longer have the strength to pour down upon the field.
Similar canals in California bring water from the Sacramento Delta to Central Valley agriculture and Los Angeles and also from the Colorado River to the Imperial Valley and San Diego. None of them are covered 
+Bob Morris Ya, but decreasing the evaporation rate also serves to decrease rainfall levels downwind; and since most of California's food comes from downwind, and farmers like the rain; it probably is not as great of an idea as it sounds like at first glance.  It evaporates for many reasons that serve many more purposes.
+Brian Prewett Not sure what you mean. Most water in California originally comes from mountains, the Sierras or Rockies. The Central and Imperial Valleys get little rainfall.  Does evaporation from canals make that much difference?
+Bob Morris Would the water loss protection that having the solar panel over the canal provides be a major selling point if the amount of water lost from canals through evaporation was not a decent factor?
I think it would be more effective to put the solar panels half an inch under the water level of the ocean so that they evaporate water to make rain, rather than trying to save a few gallons of fresh water in a canal.  Or a Fresnel lens focused on a slightly submerged black background to facilitate the evaporation of the ocean water; causing it to rain downwind somewhere would be a more effective way to move fresh water to hard to reach dry spots around the planet.
Smart,in a country where the sun is absorbing a lot water at daytime..
+Brian Prewett   yeah right, half an inch under evaporate water and make rain....i guess u don't know which way the wind blows huh?
Simple yet awesome idea, should be applied in Thailand too where there are many klongs (canals) -- used and unused -- of utilizable space...
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