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Our new website is being launched on Friday, 20th, 2015.

We were thinking about relaunching the previous week but that would have made the superstitious amongst us affected in some or other way.

Nevertheless, it'll be brighter, intuitive & so much more excitable with weather, taf's, metars etc. all in the same website (good reference folks but not for flight planning please).

It'll be social friendly(Facebook, Tweet, Google, LinkedIn & soon Pinterest) but old mate friendly at the same time - yes phone, email etc. will always be available as usual. Naturally we update what's happening with student videos, instructor chat_video_bloggs regularly.

We'll bring you news from Zoyland including training tips, ZoyGirls etc. (ZoyBoyz included)

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Super Mega Congratulations to Steve Harris who did his 1st solo today.

He's a likeable chap but unfortunately, he happens to be a Southern softy who flies a rock solid northern trike (there's a story behind his journey so ask him if you can catch him)!

Steve is a member of Westonzoyland Microlight Flying Club.

‪#‎1stsolo‬ ‪#‎gwagetsyouwings‬
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