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American Voters have spoken loud and clear: most voters DO NOT want candidates that have strong religious convictions. American Voters DO NOT want candidates with a strong Christian viewpoint or a Biblical world-and-life-view. Thus... we have the two most popular candidates from which we may choose. This is the nature of "Democracy" in a predominantly ungodly nation. Our candidates reflect our voters. We should not be surprised by our options, as they reflect our society accurately.
For those interested in how religious values influence political elections, this campaign season has been one for the record books.
This 1973 to 2016 chart indicates a near-certainty that the stock market is about to crash again... just look at the patterns of cause-and-effect it clearly demonstrates. Have you invested most of your life savings into hypothetical psychological numerical valuations of a tiny fractional ownership of huge companies, via stocks and mutual funds? You need to diversify beyond that. Contact us today to talk about investing in something REAL... ancient rare Bibles. 
Check out these photos of the bookshelves inside The Bible Museum showroom.  This is the largest "For Sale" collection of rare and antique Bibles in the world.  Browse our bookshelves online at: GREATSITE.COM 
Things are rarely as they seem.  They are often an illusion or deception. They are often only partly-true, or being taken out of context. Learn to be discerning.
A popular Christian Blog has just posted a detailed interview with The Bible Museum & Marketing Director, John Jeffcoat, about rare & antique Bibles, the best investments in today's economy, and other controversial issues. Check it out: 
Largest Collector of Rare Bibles in World.How Much Is Your Bible Worth?
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Where does the wise Christian invest his money?  Stocks, bonds, real estate, gold & silver?  Consider this instead: 
It is indeed an honor to have received a personal hand-written letter-card from U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, a conservative Justice on the Supreme Court of the United States. The letter (photo attached) reads: 
* * * * * * * * * 
Dear Mr. Jeffcoat - 
Thank you so much for sending me a copy of the 1782 Aitken Bible. {Mutual Associates} were kind enough to bring it to my office a year ago today. It has remained on my desk here at work since then. I apologize for the tardiness of this expression of gratitude. May God continue to bless & guide you.
Clarence Thomas 
* * * * * * * * * 
Note: The 1782 Aitken Bible to which Justice Thomas refers is the first Bible printed in English in America, and the only Bible ever printed by authorization of Congress.
It is available here:…/aitken-1782.html 
If you believe that "Roman Catholics added the Apocrypha to the Bible", then you might also believe that U.S. President Taft was a master of the Klingon Batliff. It's time to stop believing historical fictions, and learn legitimate history. The Apocrypha was written 400 years BEFORE CHRIST. It's Jewish. It cannot be Catholic, because that religion did not yet exist. Nearly every Bible printed prior to the year 1881 contains the Apocrypha.
King James threatened anyone who tried to print his 1611 "King James Version" Bible without the Apocrypha with prison and fines. The fiercely Protestant Geneva Bible of 1560 to 1644 contained The Apocrypha.
Only Bibles printed in the past 135 years omit the Apocrypha. Did God give us NEW revelation concerning His Word 135 years ago?
Learn the facsinating true History of The English Bible here:
Beware the modern-day "Prophet of God" and his claims of special revelation, private revelation, or personal revelation. Beware the person who starts a sentence, "The Lord told me to tell you..." God's will for every soul is openly revealed in His Word. It is that simple, but we must be willing the read His Word in order to have wisdom and discernment. 
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Check out Part Two of a Popular Blogger's Interview with us regarding why some Bibles have 80 Books, and other Bibles have only 66 Books:
Our society demands that every lifestyle, every choice, and every religious practice be politely tolerated... except of course, Christianity... which cannot be tolerated. 
Wouldn't you rather invest in something real?
World's Largest Dealer of Rare & Antique Bibles
GREATSITE.COM is the online showroom of The Bible Museum, Inc. We are the world's largest dealers of rare & antique Bibles. In fact, we sell more rare and antique Bibles than the sum total of all other "rare book" dealers in the world... combined. We sell genuine, original, ancient Bibles that are 200 to 600 years old, and cost $2,500 to $2.5 million. Individual original leaves (pages) from ancient Bibles, ready-to-frame, are also available starting under $100. Also, we publish high-quality hardcover & leather-bound facsimile reproductions of many of our ancient Bibles, most of which are $150 to $350. You can see all this and more at GREATSITE.COM
(Note: All rare Bibles & books are housed in our Phoenix, AZ Showroom, and NOT in the Orlando, FL home of the owner of
As a free public service and resource, we allow anyone to "virtually" flip-through every page of many of our ancient (1390 to 1731) Bibles in high-resolution at our other website: BIBLES-ONLINE.NET   The ancient originals, and in many cases, affordable facsimile reproductions of the Bibles shown there, may be purchased at GREATSITE.COM 
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