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Personal Care to Meet your Satisfaction
Personal Care to Meet your Satisfaction


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20 Warning Signs That Your Seniors Need Help

Seniors want to maintain their independence for as long as possible, thus they find it difficult to admit they need help. Don’t wait for an accident or emergency to happen before deciding it’s time to step up and address the problem.

The warning signs are easy to spot – from an unkempt garden to unexplained bruises. You can usually tell when something’s “off” with your loved ones. So, if your seniors aren’t willing to admit help, here are important identifiers that can tell:

- Shabby yard or unkempt garden
- Untidy and disorganized house
- Cluttered spaces
- Broken appliances
- Mood swings
- Loneliness or isolation
- Confusion or forgetfulness
- Expired consumables in the refrigerator
- Eating of spoiled foods
- Weight loss
- Poor diet
- Poor personal care
- Unexplained bruises
- Missed or disregarded medications
- Missed important appointments
- Stacked up mails
- Late payment notices
- Dents or scratches on car
- Inability to drive on their own
- Problems with getting up from a lying or sitting position

There are ways to improve the quality of life and promote independence at home. Ask us today about our bespoke in-home care plans by calling 302-384-7861.
Have you experienced similar situations like this with your aging beloved? We welcome your stories in the comments below.
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GREATER Is Coming as You Age or Recover at Home

From experience, we’ve observed that patients and clients are happier when they stay at home. We believe that it is the best place to spend recovery and/or retirement. Our staff will help you fight to keep your right to choose the location and the level of care that you get. Call us at 302-384-7861.

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Set an Appointment Today

When providing care services and developing a care plan, we understand that every patient is unique. Let's sit down and talk about how we can meet your care needs at home. Consult our experts at Greater Works Companion Care LLC.

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5 Things Your Loved One Gets From Good Grooming

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Diet Monitoring for Patients after Surgery
Why should diet monitoring be a priority for your loved one who recently went through a surgery? Here are three reasons you should know:
1. For Nutrition
As your loved one goes through the process of recovering, his body will need a lot of nutrients and minerals for support. These forms of support can be best found in foods. Diet monitoring helps ensure that healthy and nutritious food selections are served on your loved one’s plate.
2. For Dietary Restrictions
There may be food your loved one is momentarily prohibited to take, as they complicate his recovery process. Diet monitoring makes sure that your loved one is provided only with foods he is permitted to eat; nothing more, nothing less.
3. For Weight Management
Weight abnormalities can sometimes affect a person’s ability to recover fast from surgery. Diet monitoring constantly checks your loved one’s weight, making sure it stays right on track. 
Do you find Diet Monitoring and Supervision a great need for your loved one? Get in touch with Greater Works Companion Care LLC for this service! We gladly wait for you to call us through this number: 302-384-7861. Let us meet you soon!
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We Take You to Your Medical Appointments
Is immobility giving you a hard time meeting your doctor? Do you wish there was an easier way to get to all of your medical appointments? Greater Works Companion Care LLC can help you meet your need! Experience a hassle-free transportation with our service. Make a call right away at 302-384-7861.  
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Outstanding In-Home Care Services
We commit to give you the care you need in the place of your residence. Call us at 302-384-7861 to arrange for in-home care services!

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What Qualities Should Housekeepers Possess?
Does your house become a better place to live in when a housekeeper takes care of your chores? Lay your trust on someone who excellently possesses these qualities:
Hire somebody who is keen to details and is capable of cleaning even the most intricate parts of your house.
Well-organized housekeepers make your house a livable shelter. Your small and bulky things are arranged accordingly and pleasantly, positioned in certain areas where they seem fit. 
A housekeeper who works hard is careful not to clean out of mediocrity but exerts the best efforts to achieve a tidy home.  

Choose a housekeeper who can be trusted with everything you’re leaving at home. 
Greater Works Companion Care LLC can provide you with qualified workers who are highly dependable when it comes to housekeeping. Take a chance on us and make your house a better place to stay! Call for our incomparable housekeeping services at 302-384-7861. 
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 4 Culprits of Gum Disease in Elders
Gum disease can be an uphill battle when your senior loved ones are frequently exposed to:
- Tobacco use
- Sugary food 
- Irregular brushing and flossing
- Poorly-fit dentures
Help your loved ones maintain their oral hygiene and fight off gum disease! Connect with Greater Works Companion Care LLC to find out more about this. Call us at 302-384-7861.

#OralCare #GumDisease #companion
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 Honoring the Veterans 
We honor veterans as they are our nation's heroes! See what services we have in store for them. Check
#veterans #heroes #companion
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