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How can Colour Choices Make an Impact in your #Website #Design? 

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Greater London Web Design Company offer smart #mobile #app #development in iOS and Android which provides genuine value to businesses and their visitors across the UK. 

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We are a Creative #Web #Design Company based in London and the team of creative web #designers and professional web #developers, we work together to create industry-standard, user-friendly websites for businesses, both large and small, across Greater London and the Home Counties.

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Why there are Three S’s for E-commerce?
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We provide you strategic and revenue generating SEO marketing plans that help increase your website visibility on all popular search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.
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Drop Shipping – E-commerce Without an Inventory

Drop shipping is a new business model popularized by the advent of e-commerce. Unlike conventional retailing where the supplier stocks products in a warehouse and sells to the customer, drop shippers accept orders online from customers and arranges to ship the items directly from the manufacturer to the customer. This method of online retailing without actually stocking any products and maintaining an inventory may be considered the online equivalent of door-to-door sales, where the salesmen show a catalogue of products to customers and gets orders, which are shipped to them directly from the manufacturer. Sometimes, the drop ship products is also procured from a large wholesaler.

The biggest advantage of drop shipping business is that it does not require a large capital to purchase and maintain a product inventory. For entrepreneurs looking for an e-commerce venture that does not take too much investment, this presents a great opportunity. A drop shipper need to spend for a product only after a customer has made a purchase and paid for it already. Only a handful of businesses have this kind of convenience of needing low working capital.

Also, starting a #dropshipping business is as easy as setting up just a web site. And this is the why your website needs to be prefect. Since the major investment involved is the e-commerce site development itself, you need not restrain your budget. The best option is to opt for a web development company that outsources work from development centres in India and the like. Indian web developers offer the most competitive rates, fastest project turnaround times from knowledgeable and skilful developer teams.

Once you have a brilliantly designed e-commerce site set up, you are off with your drop shipping business, provided you already have finalised on a reliable supplier or manufacturer. You do not need to have a warehouse, do not have to pack or ship your orders, do not have to manage product returns or other inbound material movement or track the inventory for accounting purposes or maintaining stock levels. The advantage of eliminating overheads like the above mentioned and a lot more, yields more profits and allows you to always stay competitive, price wise.

Another big advantage is that the location of your business is highly flexible. You can run a drop shipping business from anywhere with just an internet connection. All you need to maintain is a consistent communication channel between with your customers and suppliers. If your website is well designed, easy to navigate and promoted well on search engines and social media, your job is almost done. There are quite a few e-commerce website developers with adequate experience in #digitalmarketing as well. We hope you are well aware of the many advantages of digital marketing and how you can benefit from them, as a start-up e-commerce venture.

Since you are not stocking any products, you can unconstrainedly decide on the size of your business and the range of products you offer. This is, again assuming that you have already narrowed in on some reliable manufacturers or a big wholesale distributor. Also, you can scale up or scale down your business any time, as all it takes is updating your website.
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4 Downsides of Free Website Builders

There are hundreds of free website building services letting you create a website without spending a penny. This may sound tempting for many start-ups or small business owners who do not expect much profitability from a website. Though technically they let you create and host a website for free, there are many downsides to using free website builders.

No own domain name
The main downside of free websites is that they do not let you have your own domain name. You will only get a subdomain with the main domain name being that of the service provider, which will be something like Now everyone with some knowledge of the internet will immediately identify that you built your site for free using Do you really think this is a good thing from a business point-of-view? Probably not. Visitors are likely to assume that you are not really serious about your website and you have made one only because everyone has a website.

No Search Engine Rank
You probably know by now that most visitors find a website from search engines like Google. But search engines do not rank free websites well. This means that your site will not be listed anywhere near the first search engine result pages. Only those who know your URL will get to your website. But prospective visitors who are searching for products or services you offer will hardly ever find your site. You should also know that people use search engines to check the authenticity of a business. So, if your company’s name is My Cute Company and a google search for “My Cute Company” does not list your company in the first page, people will assume that you are a phoney.

Free website builders earn their bread by placing ads on all websites made with them. These ads will neither be relevant nor appropriate. Imagine visitors seeing the ad of a dildo in the website of your ‘Cute Company’ that sells toys! It is also possible that the free service provider may go out of business anytime and your website will be irrevocably gone forever.

Functionality & Design
Usually, these free website builders will have a few templates that you can choose from. Apart from that, you will not be able to do much, in terms of design and layout. This is a major drawback as far as functionality is concerned. Also, you will not be able to make much change to the original site once it is made. Free websites are also highly vulnerable to hackers.

In short, you should know that anything that comes free comes with some catches. Buying your own domain and hosting your site on a reasonably reliable service is not very costly these days. The main expenditure will be in hiring a developer. Indigenous developers may break your bank but if you opt for a company that outsources web design and development work to countries like India, you can have a great website at a fraction of the cost.
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