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With the weekend approaching why not try some home made burgers? Our collection shows the humble burger is far more than comfort food & you don't need to stick with plain old beef either!

What are your all time favourite burger ingredients & toppings?
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Awesome Gourmet Kitchen burgers have a mango & salsa topping
That looks good... Im still at work and this just made me wanna go home and eat a burger !
I'm hungry so I ordered fries and a burger.
I'm pouring ketchup on my fries and my coffee needs sugar.
This burger is delicious, I can't believe how good it tastes.
I'm gobbling it down, it will not go to waste.
I love burgers, they are my favorite food.
Just thinking about them puts me in a good mood.
Great burgers. We serve you with ingredients 
Love beef burgers... love turkey fish burgers... BURGERS... the best way to get condiments to your mouth!
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