So apparently my city changed the age limit for smoking to 21. As a non-smoker, this doesn't affect me, but in a way, it affects us all. Or at least it should. Akron has SO many problems. I've had a break-in. I constantly see kids playing unsupervised in the middle of the road. I've seen public screaming matches. Our neighbors have stolen two shopping carts from our local supermarkets and left them in the backyard. (Freaking SHOPPING CARTS! How do you not get caught doing that?!)

And what is the the city government's mind on? More restrictions on tobacco. Why? Perhaps it's an act of desperation, because they know the prohibition on marijuana will be lifted soon. Perhaps it's because they know Akron is a place where people enjoy smoking in general. Perhaps it's an excuse for the police to have more opportunities to be suspicious, and intrude into private places to look for other plants. But whatever inspired this change, we all need to wake up and realize that all regulations and fines boil down to the same motive: raping our paychecks. And the fact that there is so much poverty in Akron is the cherry on top. Regardless of race or income, we are all just strippers in the government's club, brainwashed into thinking we are clothed.
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