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Red Recycled Asphalt

Gravel Driveway Services' exclusively supplied recycled red asphalt has the same outstanding qualities of traditional recycled asphalt with the added benefit of being red. This type of driveway generally suits red Victorian brick style house, or homes comprised of red / grey brick.

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Catch Basin Installation

There are many reasons to consider adding a catch basin or storm drain to your property. A catch basin or storm drain helps to collect runoff from rain water, melting snow, overflowing riverbanks or any other source of moving water that could potentially cause damage to your home. When placed in the right location and with the right grading you can catch and prevent the majority of the water from reaching your home, reducing the chance of flooding or water damage in your home or foundation.

Need Help?

Gravel Driveway Services has a wide range of experience working with catch basins, culvert installation, driveway restoration, repair and installation.

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Gravel Driveway Services is your local source for Culvert installation and repair.

Culverts allow water to safely pass under your gravel driveway or road without damaging the roadway.

By placing corrugated metal or plastic tubing along the under ground section of the waterway you can safely drive across the roadway without obstructing the waterway or damaging the road.

The corrugated material provides a stronger strength to weight ratio then a smooth pipe, and slows the speed of flowing water as well as helps to clear debris.

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Why Use Recycled Asphalt?

Unlike regular asphalt the recycled asphalt is already compact, making it more resistant and stable. A recycled asphalt driveway is recommended in areas of extreme weather conditions, such as long periods of rain, high temperatures, and heavy snowfall as it does not segregate or wash out like regular asphalt. A recycled asphalt driveway is not only stronger, but cost effective and better for the environment.

Contact Gravel Driveway Services and talk with one of our friendly representatives and find out how you can benefit from a recycled asphalt driveway today!

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Canadian winters are rough on driveways. The snow, rain, freezing water and salt slowly eats away at your once perfect driveway making it both unappealing and potentially hazardous.

Call the professionals at Gravel Driveway Services to discuss your driveway and how we can help you find the right solution to your problem. Whether you want a new Recycled Asphalt Driveway, a gravel driveway or are just in need of some repairs to your existing driveway we will tackle any job, big or small, on time and within budget.

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Gravel Driveway Services would like to thank you for your support throughout 2016 and would like to wish you and your family a joyous holiday season and all the very best for the New Year.

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Your driveway has a lifespan, whether it’s made of asphalt, recycled asphalt, gravel or other. Rough winters and hot, busy summers can really take a toll on your driveway. Leaving those chips, cracks and eroding gravel in your driveway for another season can greatly increase the damage to your driveway and increase your repair costs.

Trust the experts at Gravel Driveway Services to tell you when your driveway needs repairs, our trained professionals can assess the damage to your driveway and recommend the appropriate solution to meet your specific needs.

Keep your driveway safe this winter by calling Gravel Driveway Services for a quote today!

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Gravel Driveway Services has over 16 years of experience working with driveway grading services, repairs, and construction. We are proud to offer services, in York Region, Simcoe County, Durham, Halton, Beeton, Aurora, Orangeville and many more areas throughout Ontario.

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Winter is just around the corner. It’s important to make sure you inspect your driveway for cracks and signs of erosion. The winter season is rough on driveways, the cool weather, snow, as well as the constant freezing and unfreezing of the ground and snow can turn the minor erosion and small cracks into a big problem.

Contact Gravel Driveway Services today to speak with one of our trained professionals about getting your driveway winter ready!
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