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"Reptilian" -

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This is a 75 second exposure of Iona Jetty in the Strait of Georgia in Vancouver.

This was a really fun day spent with +Gavin Dunbar in early February this year.

I used a 10 stop ND filter, and stacked a 3 stop and 2 stop hard grad ND filter, to get the right level of contrast in the the water and clouds.

The clouds and light were perfect that day...these are the kind of conditions that make freezing your ass off totally worth it.

This is my contribution to the #LongExposureThursday theme, kindly curated by +Francesco Gola and +Le Quoc , the #ThirstyThursday theme, kindly curated by +Giuseppe Basile and +Mark Esguerra , the #FineArtPls theme, curated by the lovely +Marina Chen and +Fineao Fang , the #BWFineArtLE theme, curated by the amazing Mr +Joel Tjintjelaar and +Black and White Fine Art Photography Gallery , #RectanglesAreSexy curated by the spectacular +Athena Carey , my awesome muse, friend and supporter +dene' miles and finally the #PlusPhotoExtract theme, run by the awesome +Jarek Klimek

All thoughts and comments welcome.

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Another beauty Grant, great sky and nice balanced comp! I was working on some of my shots from here the other day, hopefully will put some more up soon.
You do know that including my name in these posts absolutely makes my year right???  You are beyond words my friend!!!  This is 75 seconds of pure Heaven in the Straight right here.  That cloud action you got compliments the water perfectly.  I'm pretty much loving this anyway I look at it.  Another home run my rockstar friend!!! :)
Thanks a lot +Gavin Dunbar. I'm looking forward to seeing your other images from our day out. Have a great weekend M8. 
Wow this is stunning with the great sky and the super smooth water. I like it!
+dene' miles - Hehe, that's awesome, my lovely friend. Just typing your name makes my year :-) Sometimes you just get lucky and find the perfect conditions for making art.

Thanks so much for being such an awesome friend and supporter of my are the best, Ms Fabulous.

Have a spectacular weekend xxxxxx
Superb +Grant Murray, love the angles joining each other and such super cloud cover looked like you and Gavin had a fabulous day
+Giles McGarry - Cheers Matey. It was loads of fun hanging out with Gav. The tide levels, the light, the clouds all came together harmoniously, which has to be taken as a blessing in our world of LE photography. Chat soon.
I love the dynamics in this picture, both in the foreground with the two dark lines and in the sky with these huge clouds, stunning LE work Grant!!
What awesome feedback, thanks a lot +Cédric Leblond. It's really good to hear from you, my friend. Have a great week.
I feel a large space.
love the milky water and heavy sky. Great shot
This is totally reptillian +Grant Murray - it sends a little shiver up my spine.  It's coming for me...  
And of course the photo is beautiful - lovely tones and fantastically foreboding (of my demise by reptile?!) clouds! :)
+yosiki k - Thanks you for your comment.

+Ben Locke - Cheers M8, I'm really glad you like it.

+Athena Carey - Hehe, as always you make me smile from ear to ear. Thank you, my dear friend. The tide level was perfect for exposing just enough of the log. Have a wonderful week xxx
An amazing image.  Doesn't get any better.
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