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Buntzen Lake 2 -

Created on a foggy morning in Port Moody, British Columbia.

A big shout out to +Formatt-Hitech +Sony +Nik Collection by Google and +Really Right Stuff for making such awesome gear and software!!

My offering for #minimalmonday curated by +Olivier Du Tré

#squaresaresassy by my brother from another mother, +Nathan Wirth
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Lovely symmetry +Grant Murray like this! 
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Old Hunstanton Beach 2 -

A beautiful part of the Norfolk coast in England, created back in August 2014.

+Formatt-Hitech filters making this kind of creativity possible with their amazing 16 stop Firecrest ND...keep up the great work guys!!

Processed with +Nik Collection by Google Silver Efex Pro their software!!!

#longexposure #fineart #formatthitech 
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Sheringham Groyne 5 -

Please view it LARGE here:

The East coast of England sure does offer an endless variety of minimalist subjects. Sheringham in Norfolk is no exception.

This image was also created in color, largely thanks to the amazing and color neutral #firecrest filter made by +Formatt-Hitech +Rod Clark and his team are turning the world of filters on its head!!

For my favourite themes; #minimalmonday curated by the enigmatic +Olivier Du Tré and #squaresaresassy by my dear friend +Nathan Wirth

All feedback, chats, thoughts, rants, musings, etc. most welcome!!
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Killer feedback +Simos Xenakis, thanks a mill Bud!!
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Super excited to be a featured artist for the soon to be released August App.  +Sean Wing is turning the art world on its head by making the way we consume it across all platforms, etc. more accessible.Check out their Facebook page to check out all the other featured artists. The list of artists are world class and I'm ecstatic to be included amongst them,

Hop on over to their website and request an invitation to sign up for the beta now:

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Grant Murray

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Twin Rocks 4 -

View LARGE here:

I created this image at Rockaway Beach in Oregon last September, during an unforgettable vacation. Talk about perfect conditions 😄

For +Olivier Du Tré's magical #minimalmonday 
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Hi +Stephen Cairns. Thanks for the wonderful and detailed feedback, as always...I really appreciate it. You're right, I have been waiting a long time between sharing images. I have so any images I would still like to share, but often feel unsure if they are good enough, as I'm hyper critical of my own work. I will endeavor to speed up how often I post my work. Have a great week and thanks again. 
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Grant Murray

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Check out the 16 stop #firecrest +Formatt-Hitech IRND filter I just received a couple of days ago!! A huge thanks to +Rod Clark and the awesome folks at Formatt-Hitech for stepping up their game and making the world beating, neutral as hell, Firecrest IRND filters. 16 stops in one filter is a big enough achievement, but making it as neutral as they have is mind blowing!! I have been testing it over the last couple of days and am thrilled with the results. Go and grab yourself one from the Formatt-Hitech website, you won't be disappointed. 
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I have the 10 and 6 stop IRND filters too +Brian Spencer and the 16 stop is definitely worth having in your kit. It's made of multicoated glass and it's always better to have one filter instead of two in front of your lens. 
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Weybourne Fishing Boats 1 -

This image was created on Weybourne Beach on the Norfolk coast, in England.

My submission for #minimalmonday curated by my Alberta homie, +Olivier Du Tré

The neutral tones in this LE are made possible by the awesome #firecrest 16 stop ND +Formatt-Hitech filter.

Happy Monday everyone.

#squaresaresassy +Nathan Wirth.

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Love the rich tones. 
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Rocky View County Grain Silos 2 -

View LARGE here:

This image was created in September on a fun filled day hanging out with my good Buddies, +Olivier Du Tré and +Kris Schofield

The light, clouds, subject matter and company were as perfect as one could hope for.

As always, a big shout out to +Formatt-Hitech For making such incredible #firecrest filters!!

This is for #minimalmonday curated by the mad alchemist +Olivier Du Tré

#squaresaresassy for my dear friend +Nathan Wirth
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Incredible shot.
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Grant Murray

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Vulcan County Fields 3 -

Please view LARGE here:

I spent 3 incredible days in the Alberta prairies and backcountry in early September. My good Bud +Kris Schofield was kind enough to put me up and drive me around and show me the stark beauty of Alberta. I finally got to meet +Olivier Du Tré, which was a lot of fun too. Thanks again for your hospitality guys, it was a real treat for me!!

I fell in love with the gorgeous textures and big skies of the prairies. It really resonated with me and I look forward to going back.

This image was created in Vulcan County on a cold, wet and windy evening.

This is my offering for #minimalmonday curated by Mr. Minima,l +Olivier Du Tré
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Amazing shot. I'm impressed
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Grant Murray

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Very cool to be included in volume three of this amazing Plus One Collection project for such a positive initiative. Thanks a million +Ivan Makarov, +Andy Lee and team. Please donate to this worthy cause provided on the link I have shared and let's get this moving.
Announcing the list of artists who's work will be included in Plus One Collection print book

And now what many of you have been waiting for - announcing the list of artists who's work will be included in the print book #PlusOneCollectionIII  

Link -> (Tip: use CTRL+F to see if your name is there to save time)

It's always a hard task to pick the photos because there are so many amazing ones that we just can't include because we have limited space in the book. Any judge can testify to you of that. We had seven capable judges this time around who went through every submission and we picked the best 285 or so for the book based on the final rankings. 

But what we decided to do to compensate for this is to release a poster that will have everyone's submission posted. You can order that poster on Indiegogo page as well -

As with the book, all net proceeds from the sale of the poster will go to Saving Eliza fund. 

What's next? Keep spreading the word about the fundraising campaign! We still need to raise $25,000 before the book can go to press. And if you can contribute, please do. 
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Grant Murray

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NOT MY IMAGE!! The amazing IR work of my dear friend +Nathan Wirth never ceases to blow my mind. His landscape work, particularly with trees, really is world class. Pop on over to Nathan's stream and show him some love.
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Great work +Nathan Wirth
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Iona Beach Jetty 6 -

Please view LARGE here:

This image was created early in March, out at Iona Beach near Vancouver Airport. This was the second time I used my new +Formatt-Hitech IRND filters and I'm really happy with the results. For a 4 minute exposure, the image was really clean and had almost no visible noise!! Thanks again +Rod Clark , you and the Hitech team rock!! I timed the tide to start ebbing out. The jetty I took this image on is about 5km long and is a favorite of Vancouverites to walk to the end and back. The weather Gods played nicely too. :-) I really love where I live!!

The techie stuff:

Sony A850 D-SLR
Zeiss 16-35mm Lens
ISO: 125
Aperture: f/8
Exposure: 240 seconds
Focal Length: 16mm
Filters: Formatt Hitech IRND 10 stop ND filter, Formatt Hitech IRND 6 stop ND filter and Lee 3 stop hard grad ND filter
Software: Photoshop CS6 and Google Silver Efex Pro 2

This is my contribution to the #LongExposureThursday theme, run by the awesome +Francesco Gola   and +Le Quoc   , the #ThirstyThursday theme, curated by the man +Giuseppe Basile   , the #FineArtPls theme run by +Marina Chen  the #landscapephotography theme run by +Bill Wood ,  the #BWFineArtLE theme, the #RectanglesAreSexy theme, curated by the rockstar +Athena Carey , the #DeneMilesIsFabulous theme curated by my wonderful friend and spectacular human being +dene' miles  and finally the #PlusPhotoExtract theme, run by the awesome +Jarek Klimek 

All thoughts and comments are always welcome.

© Grant Murray Photography Copyright

Please visit my website to view more of my images:
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great shot!
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