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Lakenheath High School, England,
Lakenheath High School, England,

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I remember this from a week or two ago. It struck me that I have not heard from the anti-abortion crowd since zika hit the US....

The cost to families and the medical and social systems to care for these children, if brought to term would bring down our system.

What do you think?

I have a question for a muslim, xtain, and jews, for that matter.

What should the congregation do when their imam/preacher starts talking about violence or speaking words to incite violence using the violent parts of their books of fairy tales?

I was just wondering what would happen if there were an national movement to write in "None of the Above" and it got a majority?.....

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These guys make up things they could have googled first....

This election is depressing.

One candidate that has lived the affluenza life. Rolling over others with lawyers, threats, bullying, and intimidation and mob connections.

He welched on his taxes. Abused labor laws, ripped off his employees while walking away with millions.

He has fostered a climate of violence and xenophobia. Promised to militarily bully other countries, disrupt all our alliances at a time when we are facing more global threats than during the cold war.

The choices on the other side don't inspire confidence either.

Bernie's ideas sound great but it would take several elections before you would ever get a congress that would cooperate with him.

Hillary. It is so hard to tell what is true and what is false, because she has been slandered for 25 years by hate radio and Faux News.

I am certain her hands aren't clean, but I don't think they are anywhere as dirty as propaganda has made out.

Her problem is that propaganda does work. The down ballot races will be in danger to a degree.

Without a congress to pass anything, are we in for another decade of gridlock?

We won't survive as a nation.

I am sure many/maybe most will disagree with me and that is fine.

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My sentiments exactly.

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This is eye opening.  The history of the NRA.
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